October 20, 2012

mine forever

bliss, bubbles, child, children, color, colour 

"should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements....."

ohh...what a tiring day...
I was think of giving up this blog...coz I'm bored...
But I still write in here instead.
I can't just leave it just like that....this blog has been with me since I'm here..
It wasn't an easy climb...
One day I'll look back and digging the the old memories...
Will make it stay..

October 17, 2012

Its been awhile

Salam and hello.
Its been awhile...

I've been hooked up by the new blog of mine lately. I much prefer the new blog rather than this one coz I need a fresh state of mind from the vertigo moment I had while keeping this blog updated.
Not too long ago my friends were asking me to join them for dinner, reluctantly I made my self excuse and just sit in the room. I know I'm hungry at this time, but the laziness overwhelmed me. Glad coz mira will buy me dinner and I just sit and wait. huhu... Thanks mira! 

I have an addiction to this thing since last time, but dun have the exact time to tell about it here. But I'm slowly emerge the story in my new blog. There's nothing actually, I just addicted to everything about Japan, especially their views, their lives, the environment, fashion, people...and so much more. I hope one day I could go there.
The ornaments they have in their Japanese garden are really unique. I just love them. I am really hoping someone will take me on a trip to Japan so that I can see those thing by my self. But now I realized that I can just see them on the internet! hahah.
Oh yeah, there is this garden, the JApanese Garden located in Ipoh, infront of the KPJ if I'm not mistaken, which I will go visit it next time with my friends. I'd love to go there. Can't wait for the right time to go there coz during this hectic month I couldn't go anywhere as exam is around the corner. 

WHat are you currently obsessions are people?

Tell me something about it.

 Till then. Have a nice day!

October 11, 2012

No more


No more!
No more lies....!
No more idiots...!
No more bugging around..!
No more you!
No more........

I'm freeeeeee........^^


October 1, 2012

what eyes can see

In the fast-changing realm of digital world, people have come to expect almost constant innovation and improvement.
In the world where so many people use gadgets to take photos, people reach cameras because it captures a quality picture.

As for me, the eyes we have can capture every moment, events and any pictures better...stored in memory, coz eyes don't lie.....


Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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