December 13, 2012

Its mid DEc

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Hello there everyone or I can just say every ghostly spirit stuck in my blog ever since, I'm sorry for not writing anything in here. Actually the stupidity everyone always does is saying 'SORRY' to their blog  because not writing anything or leaving the blog too long. Nobody cares actually!
Anyway, its now mid of December....and 2 weeks from now gonna be Christmas...! Though I'm not celebrating it, but I do like the spirit of the festivals....the lights...the christmas trees...the jingles... feeling the same for other festive seasons too. 
I went to some so-called boring places like Sungai bil and hot spring with my friends...
Though, I felt so much kinda relief for being able to spend time with my friends and made the fullest of my time during this holiday. 

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NAL said...

lama tak bertandang ke sini.. :)

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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