January 31, 2012

A Joke for today

Hello there....
Got a joke for ya to read! 
Read up guys...its just a stupid joke anyway...enjoy..!


"What time does the library open?" the man on the phone asked. 

"Nine A.M." came the reply. "And what's the idea of calling me at home in the middle of the night to ask a question like that?"

"Not until nine A.M.?" the man asked in a disappointed voice.

"No, not till nine A.M.!" the librarian said. "Why do you want to get in before nine A.M.?"

"Who said I wanted to get in?" the man sighed sadly. "I want to get out." 

^^                                                                                                        Source!

Segmen: My so-called 'outdated' friends!

Salam and hello guys....

Okay today I'm joining a segmen again. 
Segmen ni khas untuk sesape saje but aku tujukan segmen ni pada kawan kelas aku
>>> Cha-chan  and U-mih^^

So pada yang telah ditag, anda diwajibkan ikut ye...hadiah menarik menanti anda! okeyh...hehe
Stand a chance to get goodies from Avon...^^ so amacam oklah Avon kan?? so outdated..

Syaratnye mudah: 
>Describe anything about your friends, but remember, play nice okay...
>untuk tambahan describe something yang korang rase kenape kwn korang tu outdated?(Xwajib)

This segmen inspired by si-outdated friend; chan....!
Haha...she's nice and can be tricky...so beware of her...
Obsessed with Yellow. And she refuses to open my blog as she doesn't want my traffic to increase..huh So outdated!
Umie, so outdated as she doesn't know how to insert some ads in her blog. Haha so outdated.!

No offences friends...just for fun...link you entry here...

That's all....
Have a nice day people!

"Segmen :Aku & Novel"

Salam...today I found something, and it is a segmen by Kak Farah Alias again!

Okay I'm so excited...here we go....


These are my fav English novel, I found them interesting and teach me the value of life.
Both are written by Cathy Glass. Both novels, took me on an emotional roller-coaster, there are sad, laughter, smile and tears. You'll find the stories twist and turn which make them so interesting. I love her writing style as it's easy and flows well. She also sets the scene beautifully and writes compassionately and poignantly about events which I could relate to my life.


Yang kat atas ni adalah koleksi novel2 Ramlee Awang Murshid. Karya beliau telah menjadi novel pilihan sejak mula membaca 'Bagaikan Puteri' waktu lepas Spm dulu...Garapan bahasa dan unsur2 Islam yang diterbitkan didalam setiap karya beliau menambahkan lagi keterujaan aku utk membaca. Di samping menghayati cerita imaginasi yang direka, dakwah Islam juga dapat disebarkan secara kreatif. Novel2 ini berangkai antara satu sama lain, dimana ia mengisahkan tentang pengembaraan seorang hamba Allah, Saifudin atau nama yang mahsyur dalam kalangan org Acheh, iaitu Laksamana Sunan. Dalam pengembaran tersebut, banyak unsur2 Islam diselitkan dan ini menambahkan lagi keasyikan membacanya. Kisah ini juga mengisahkan peperangan antara yang hak dan yang batil, kesungguhan Saifudin berjihad utk jalan Allah dengan memerangi manusia2 penyembah syaitan sangat menerujakan. So basically, novel2 ni sangat menarik and penuh dengan elemen suspens.


“Tatkala sendirian…hatiku terdengar dengupan Cintamu”

Okay, I read this when i was in form 3, and it was fantastic love story. During the time, love is everything and this novel is my fav as it arouse the love atmosphere that time. Today, there is a drama series adapted from Bicara Hati. It teaches me the value of love, and it isn't always sweet. There are conflicts, speculation, love and tears as well. 

not to forget, my fav novel ever....TKAM!

Ah this one, I studied it last year....TKAM by Harper Lee basically reflects the life of the people in Maycomb that practices racial discrimination between the whites and the blacks. This story is told by a girl named Scout. I learn so many things from this novel, and the writer effectively uses symbolism in this novel to bring up the theme and the core meaning of the story. 

I think that's all for now. Till we see again next time.


Hidup perlu bersabar...

Okay, short post only..

DAh hujung2 bulan ni, broadband mula dah mengade2 melembabkan dirinya kembali.....
So harap maklum lah ye...bila bukak page tu, page ni, semuanya ade yg tercicir birit...
itu xleh bukak, ini xleh bukak,...and pada kekawan blogger yg dtg singgah, maap sangat la ye, xdpt nk usha blog korang...and aku ni rajin bebenor, asal ade org drop by, aku pun secara gedik and ikhlasnye memfollow lah...hehe...itu lah kerja yg aku suke buat dlm dunia blog ni...follow blog org, tanpa mengharapkan org lain follow blog aku, hehe propa je lebih...wakaka...anyway, esok ade kelas, so nak tido dah ni...
Bila dah penat, code rahsia 'caramel' pun dah hilang entah mane2....
okay lah...got to go now..

Peace yo! bye!

have a nice day! ^^

January 29, 2012

1 day, 1 achievement

Again, I'm writing in this blog. I always wondering whether we call it 'writing' or 'typing'? which one? you think?

NVM, while I was watching 'Spongebob-[ ]-pants' this morning, I came across this "1 murid 1 kecemerlangan".
I remember this phrase when I was in school, our principal used to say it. Pemangkin semangat untuk kami terus mndpat kecemerlangan la tuh....Whatever achievements are, but at least, each and everyone of us, should have our own pencapaian. So technically it was something good for the rest of the students. 
So I thought I can do it in other way round, '1 day 1 achievement...'  

Everyday, we keep on improving ourselves right? 
To me, I need to improve a lot, today should be better than yesterday, and tomorrow should be better than today...and keep this in mind, our future is developed by our actions today. Act now, before it's too late. 

Have a nice day! ^^

Ah silaunye...!

Currently went to Focus point to check my eyes....
Sedar x sedar, silau makin meningkat...haiyo....
They said it is because of I'm wearing contact lenses too often...
Guess have to stop wearing it as I dun want to get migraine because of the excessive light entering my eyes...


January 28, 2012

How observant are you?

Hello there readers, today I would like to give you something to observe.
I got this from a magazine which I think very interesting.
For those who are used to English language, I bet you can spot it. 
So lets take a look....

this paragraph

"Study this paragraph. What is wrong with it? Actually, nothing in it is wrong. But it is a most unusual paragraph. Don't you just zip through it quickly, but study it scrupulously. With luck you should spot what is vitally striking about this paragraph and all words found in it. Can you say what it is? Tax your brains and try again. Don't miss a word! 
Got it? Don't inform anybody..."

Leave your answers below.

Have fun!                                                               
(need a clue? look at Wall-E!)


After one week hols

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello again...

After 9 days of resting at home, its time to go back to ipg,...I'm feeling rather happy for at last I had a great time at home with mum and my niece...hehe.....But then, now its time to say goodbye as I need to go back and do my duties,...hehe...Actually there are few works to do and seriously I need to refer to my books so much. Sitting at home, there's nothing much I could do these few days, plus with my laptop had broken down. Now I have my new one, so it eases me to do the job....(enough said)

Oh yeah, no wonder I feel so bored, I already finished my reading on 'I miss Mummy' by Cathy Glass. I remember I said about it last time, but didn't have the chance to write anything about it yet.

Okay here it goes, basically the novel is based on the true story about a young girl named Alice that has been separated from her family by the social services, and she has been sent to live with Cathy (the writer) for almost ten month before she got to live with her father whom she hasn't knew before. She lived with her mother before and after her mother got ill she was sent to live with her grands, there she got the love and attention from them. Although she was 4 at that time, she was able to understand the whole situation took place.

For Cathy, she look at Alice's case at a different perspectives, she thought that Alice's mother and grandparents parented her very well. Alice doesn't look like any other foster child Cathy had look after before. She looked well cared and everything seems okay. It was only started  when the neighbor heard Leah (Alice's mother) screamed and thought that she screamed at her daughter, hence they called the police and there where all began. As you go along the story, like I did, I never agreed that  Alice will be given to her father and her stepmother as they didn't even met and all Alice knew was she had her mummy and dada and nana. Chriss (her father) never showed up after Leah got pregnant. And because of him, Leah got stucked with drugs.

All in all, drugs indeed cause many negative impacts. Alice was the one who suffers from all these, she lost her mummy, dada and nana. It was quite sad to hear and see a little girl going through many bad things during the childhood time. Despite all that, Alice indeed a strong girl and she managed to get through her rough time with the help of her foster carer, Cathy. The story was told by the writer herself and by her point of view. It is really interesting story and made me realize how important family institution to us in the early stage of life.

Did Alice manage to live together again with her mummy and grandparents? and Did she gets the second chance to sit and watch football with her grandpa?
"I Miss Mummy" got all the answers....

I think that's a little taste of it. I'm still looking forward to get another Cathy Glass piece of work.

THat's there is..



Annoyed with all the noise in the classroom, the teacher told the students, "If those in the back keep quite, like those in the middle reading their books, then those in the front rows can continue to sleep!"


Freaky Saturday ><"

Assalamualaikum....and good day everyone,...

Brain tumor?? xnakk..... Tanye kat korang pun mesti korang tak nak kan berpenyakit2 ni...xkisah la penyakit ape.... Last night mimpi pasal brain tumor,..apsal la ngan aku nih, and betol ke sebabkan tido banyak dapat penyakit nih?? hahaha....xkan lah...itu sekadar mimpi je....
Kena buat further reading lah untuk maklumat lanjut pasal penyakit nih....
Hope it'll not happen to me....
Yang aku tau, tidor banyak jadi gemok adelah...it's a fact btw...
So I guess I have to stay awake to be kurus like you guys yang kurus tuh lah heh?...
haha ade pulak camtuh...hurm...

January 27, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt...and hello there everyone,...

It's Friday..
And I'm so grateful coz alas I got it...
Alhamdulillah...lepas nih boleh la siapkan assignment aku....
Even screen kecik, ak xkisah....asalkan dapat buat kerja...
Dah pas ni azam nk jage barang elok2....beringat sebelum terkena....^^

that's all for today, see you guys around...


January 25, 2012

Hope it all gone in the blink of eyes...>_-"

It's been a while....

I missed my blog so much....I can't go online and update anything in this blog as I have some kinda problem with my laptop..hehehe.....and soon enough I'll get another laptop....too lazy to repair....
To umi,if she reads this, hehe now you know why am I keep asking about the 'stuff' we talked about yesterday...huhu

Anyway, to my Chinese friends out there, Happy Chinese New year!! Its late! I know...
Don't blame me for this okay,..

Though its been several days the holiday has started, I didn't venture any exciting thing at home, except watching over my niece. I'm so glad to see her grown to a beautiful girl...Now she's officially one year and we share the same zodiac...^^

Last week was terrible for me, as I feel like I was having a bad luck the whole week. On friday, I lost my shoes at Masjid, and my laptop broken down!! oh my...and the next day, I went to tg Malim with my friend to buy a new laptop charger, and you know what, it was raining heavily until I had to wear raincoat all the way long to the kedai.!! pissed off! And after I went home, the charger couldn't function! another disaster! I had to ride my motorbike again that evening to change it! What a day! I was like, what the hell is going on to me?? pfft

There are few more, but its not right if I talk it here...like I'm blaming the takdir for all these to happen...

Thats all...

Thanks for viewing...^^


Kalau Tahun Baharu Masihi manusia tak sabar-sabar menantikannya, siap buat countdown...

Kalau sambutan hari lahir sendiri kita tak sabar--sabar menantikannya, siap buat sambutan khas, kenduri, pesta-pestaan semasa menyambutnya...

Apalah salahnya jika pada bulan maulid Junjungan Baginda yang tercinta ini kita pun tak sabar-sabar menantikannya, menyambutnya tanda kesyukuran dengan selawat dan pujian-pujian terhadap baginda insan teragung...

Kita mengaku umat baginda, tapi sekadar meniti di bibir, tak terungkap dengan hal perbuatan. Justeru bagaimana nak harapkan syafaat baginda, jika hari lahir sendiri disambut gah tak terkira, tapi sambutan hari lahir baginda dihukum sesat bidaah tercela?

Pada zaman dahulu hari lahir baginda disambut oleh panglima-panglima perang seperti Salahuddin al-Ayyubi untuk berselawat dan berpidato tentang semangat juang dan semarak jihad.

Apa salahnya kita menyambutnya kali ini dengan selawat dan salam tiada putus kepada baginda.


(Biro Agama dan kerohanian)

January 22, 2012

Musibah ><"

Tabahlah wahai hati......
Ujian Allah...Harap bersabar.....menempuh semuanya....

January 16, 2012

Contest : Blog paling kemas

Wanna join? click on the banner...that's it...^^

Officially 20

Assalamualaikum Wbt...

Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to Allah for giving me this life and to my Emak and Ayah who raised me up all these years. Alhamdulillah, dengan berkat mereka aku sudah pun mencecah 20 tahun di bumi Allah ini. Bersyukur kerana masih diberi peluang untuk menghirup udara, melihat matahari terbit diufuk bumi, melihat keajaiban alam, bintang2 dan macam2 lagi. Betapa besarnya kuasaMu ya Allah. Aku berdoa agar diketemukan dengan kejayaan di dunia dan di akhirat. Kau peliharalah kami, moga tetap teguh pada taliMu. Tiada yang lain yang berharga selain rahmat dan redhaMu.
I hope I can fulfill my promise to both Emak and ayah, that one day I'll become a teacher...To educate, and share knowledge...Hari kelahiran bukan satu pesta untuk disambut, tapi hari untuk kita memperingati sesuatu kwujudan yang hebat diciptakan oleh Tuhan yang Esa. Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang telah dikurniakan, muhasabah diri is a good thing that can improve ourself to be a better person. Insyaallah.

"MAti itu pasti, hidup itu insyaallah..."

January 15, 2012

Tido pun susah!

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello again people...


Have you ever been in a situation where you don't get enough sleep and wake up late every day, late for class, and feeling damn sleepy, being scolded by teacher or lecturer because of sleeping in the class...?? fiuh...I've experienced all that. Get our self organised, so that we can get enough sleep, accordingly prevent those things to happen.

Anyway, just wanna share with you guys about sleep matters among teenager. The average teenager sleeps about 6-7 hours per night during the school week. However, it is still not enough.! 
Actually we need to sleep more than 7 hours a day to feel refreshed.

Why we need extra sleep?? simply because, in our body, there are many hormones, and we need to sustain a good hormonal cycle so that we can still be in a healthy condition. In facts, while we are sleeping, our body reshapes the cycle and revitalize the energy within our self. And not to forget, growth also occurs during sleep. So if we disturb the sleep cycle, we actually disturbing the growth cycle of our body.

Getting a good night sleep can boost our energy to stay long while in class. Thus improve our studies. As been told by my friend, our brains start to process the information we received during the day. So lots of information can be stored and subsequently can improve our memories. 

So that's it, get enough sleep and be healthy. 

                                                                                                           info [Q]
"A good night's sleep solidifies the learning," Marry A. Carskadon. 


Thank you for reading..!
HAve a nice day people...^^


Stuck with boredom..

What the....? -_<"

Fb pic

January 14, 2012

Salah PAham?? Why?

Asssalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone!

ggle pic

In today's post I would like to share with you about miscommunication.

"What the heck are you talking about?" 
"I don't get it...pfft"
" I don't get what you mean.." 
"Sorry, can you repeat it?" 
"I bag your pardon?..." 
"I don't understand what you are saying..!" 
"Hell what?" 
"For heaven sake, can you speak louder? I just can't hear you!" 

Sounds familiar? no? Actually, these are some examples, that we often used when something is not right in our conversation with our partners. But sometimes, people just walk away and nod to us even though they can't understand every words we said. 
While I was reading a magazine, and I came across the word communication. And while I was scanning through it, and I said to myself, "hey why don't I look up for something on the net about miscommunication?". I still remember that we talked about this in class last year.

When we talk to people such as our friends, teachers, parents and or even sales girls, we are actually involved in interpersonal communication. Why we need to communicate? Basically we communicate to exchange messages, express our feelings, to give and get order, and to ask  and etc. If the people we communicating with understand what we are saying, then we can be said to have a successful communication. 

However, we also experienced our listeners or audience fail to understand what are we trying to say, and end up getting confused, angry and upset. This can be said as miscommunication. There are many communication styles, but I don't want to talk about it today.So we can just proceed to the causes of miscommunication. 

Okay, in our daily communication, language has always been seen as a channel between people but language also can become a great barrier when two or more people who are talking fail to understand each other. Do keep this in mind that misunderstandings can occur at any time between two or more people who are communicating.

You know what, miscommunication can caused someone to be a at a wrong places, or late for a meeting, or get a wrong info or whatever. In most terrible cases, it concerns about life and death, you know, not informing someone effectively that the breaks of a car are not functioning could end with a tragedy. of course we don't want this to happen. Do we?

There are many reasons this to happen. For example, in English language, there are many words that have double meaning. I think its the same as any other language right? In linguistic we learn about homophones. Basically, homophones is the study of words that are pronounced the same but differ in meaning. In other hands,the words may spelled the same, but carry different meaning we call it homograph. Let me give you some examples to look at. 

>SAW : gergaji (noun)
>SAW : past tense for 'see'
>BARK : sound made by dog.
>BARK: the outer layer of a tree
>ROSE : a flower. (noun)
>ROSE : past tense for 'rise'
>TOO : adverb
>TWO : a number

and how about this one >>>>> "Ice cream" and "I scream" ? hehehe....^^
                                                     "Example"   and  "Egg sample"? hehe

In the above words may have the same pronunciation, spelling,but different meaning. There are many more, list them all if you can...
Miscommunication can occur when listeners assume they understand what the speaker means when in actual fact they probably intended a different meaning. 

Besides, the problem also caused by different culture and language used. This happens mostly to the second speaker of English like me myself. My mother tongue is Bahasa Melayu.  If the language is translated and used in English, it may cause confusion to native speaker although most of the words can be understood. The direct translation can really caused misunderstanding and sounds illogical. For example, try to translate this phrase direct from bahasa to English., "jatuh air muka", if translated to English is "fall of water face". Doesn't it sounds weird? hehe
Similarly to English language itself. We can't simply do direct translation as it can cause miscommunication. (Me myself will try to avoid doing that)

We live together in Malaysia with different races and culture. And not to forget, even though we can understand Bahasa Malaysia very well, we also encounter difficulties in understanding with the Malay language that spoken by the Kelantanese and Kedahan of their own slang and accent. Accent and slang also one of the factors that can cause miscommunication between speakers. Similarly if we learn new language, we might experience some misunderstanding due to the accent and slang.

Oh yeah, noises from our surrounding also caused this to happen. Have you ever face the situation where you can't hear the words that bursted from your friends mouth? And you just keep on asking him to repeat the same words again and again, and finally the both of you get fed up...hehe...YEah... sometimes our conversation is interrupted by the noise from the road, loud music, the sounds of all kind of machines and what not. Basically, noises one of the factors, alright...!

So that's it. By realizing all this causes of miscommunication actually can help us to improve our communication skills. 


Thank you for reading....
Have a nice day! ^^

Segmen review blog by Azzah

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello there everyone.

Today, I'm joining a simple segmen by Mizz Azzah

Wanna join? click on the banner! 

P/s: the cat is really comel right? hehe...


Info time: What do you know about it?

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello there freaks!

Hehe... whatever....
Now here i'm with you again in this blog...
Today, I would like to share with you about ICT, ok actually this was my exercise last year, and it was been approved by my lecturer, and for those who really in need of info or anything related to this, please don't be shy just take it from here...
My opinions might not be correct, but you could always refer..no? 
Okay without wasting too much time here it is...

Click here to find out more >>> Info here

Do have a good day people....^^

Semusim pertemuan Seribu pengharapan

Assalamualaikum wbt...

After 1 n a hlaf years mengenali Abg Ehsan iaitu naqib usrah di ipg ni, banyak dah aku belajar...Alhamdulillah, aku bersyukur, sebelum ni, xpernah langsung terlibat dengan aktiviti usrah2 ni, tapi lepas masuk sini, aku rase seronok...apatah lagi dengan bimbingan Abg Ehsan. Sekarang ni Abg Ehsan dah pun selesai menamatkan pengajian dan again alhamdulillah, beliau dah selamat dipostingkan ke Sarawak. Ilmu yang dikongsikan bersama walaupun xbanyak, sudah memadai untuk melengkapkan lagi ilmu ukhrawi aku.. Xkesah la ape org nak kate, tapi aku dah cukup bersyukur dapat didedahkan dengan hal2 mcm tu...maklum lah aku bukan nye sekolah agama penuh dulu,..sekolah menengah harian biase je...dikelilingi dengan kwan2 berbagai agama and bangsa, so the way I talk, the way I socialize also different...tapi itu bukan halangan untuk terus memperbaiki diri...rite?? 
So ape2 pun, selamat bertugas sebagai pendidik anak bangsa Abg Ehsan. Syukran atas segalanya...Tiba lah masa aku pulak nak pulun sehabis boleh kat Ipg ni...So just pray for the best, may Allah show us the way...insyaallah....

*I'm touched. this is what we call kemanisan berusrah and bulatan gembira.

have a good day people! 

Macam "taik"?

Okay, tajuk pun dah merepek....

Google pic

No offences, and not that I want to insult anybody or what eh, no! A big NO for that...(yelah sgt)

Actually, I just wanna ask you guys, have you guys ever had a friend that always doing "faces" with you while you're talking?....or in other word, imitate the way you talk with weird looking faces....

haha....To be honest, I'm the one who always do that to my friends, and obviously they kinda got mad and felt annoyed..hehhe....
But its fun! mocking people....! Wanna know how it feels like? try lah...
Okay for me, 'taik" means not good la...a bit harsh, you think?

And I also call people that always "bajet bagus" as muka taik!, and those bajet bagus people also do the same to whom they think 'lame', but actually for me, they themselves are lame and 'taik"...
Haha...when I see these bajet people...I just avoid them and then again I could see them doing the 'taik' faces from far...hahahah....

Sorry for telling this 'taik' thing....


G'day people

January 13, 2012

Segmen Mr Eraz Fadli (tingkatkan followers and traffic)

Assalamualaikum wbt...and hello there everyone....

As usual, this very first month of the new year, my one and only activity is "joining segments"....
Since it is fun, so why don't you just follow me....? no? hehe
Here it is....

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tonyoh kat sini^^

Tagging time......

HEY you!! you're being tag lah!

That's there is...
bye! ^^

January 12, 2012

Segmen: Mencari Bloglist 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone....

Again...I'm joining a segmen today....
This is it....

Come and join together.......
Wanna know more about this segmen just click Nabila ^^
THis segmen ends on 13 January 2012....

Congratz anda ditag kali ini......!!

>Mizz Umie
>Sis Farah

Okay that's it.....


Wordless Wednesday

January 11, 2012

Enough for today!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone...

I realize something today, that is, I can't speak if I'm not well prepared! Though It was simple, but I couldn't speak well. I was stuck in the middle....I don't really know what I was saying in class this morning.....some people went blur and almost get confuse with my statements.....ahaha
Sometimes you'll feel that you're well prepared, with the notes in your hands, with the information gathered from all kind of sources, and with your friends stand beside you, but what makes you blanked is that you're lack of practice.....

I try to be good in presentation, trying to imitate the way people talk, but really it all sounds unrealistic to me....It isn't an easy climb.....

One more thing, even it is almost 2 weeks I'm here, the plan of being economical isn't very helpful either....I keep buying food that cost me a lot......last night was terrifying....because of I can't control my appetite, I bought a burger....><!"

Since my healthy diet has begun, I go for a jogging and have been doing that for several days.....
I want to save money before I get worn out...!

(sorry for the so much complaining...)


Have a good day everyone...

January 10, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone.
Once again, I'm too 'gedik' joining a segmen in this blogger world....well I think it's worth to try...
Since I don't have much work to do so, why wasting times right?? hehe...

So here it is segmen by  Miss Arra Ahmad.
Its kinda fun to know other bloggers...so this segment enable us to get to know each other...
JUm...Jom...Joommm....kite join same2 k....

Current follower : 67
Estimated follower by the end of this month: 72

Congratz anda di tag!!! yahuuuu...^^

>Miss Mimy
>Miss Ezzat ^^
>Miss Umairah

Lets join this segmen...n memeriahkan lagi blog korang k!!


Losing weight?? no?


Breaking the caramel code!! woot2!!... hehe
Actually Kinda tired, really...after jogging around IPG with some friends just now. Fiuh...!!
Nak sihat terpakse lah jog...+_+"

Oh ye, starting on last week, my "program makan sihat" has just begun,....sihat la sangat...tak tau la nak buat camne lagi...badan ni dah melampau tembamnye....pagi tadi ca'ahnye aku sarapan minum air teh boh ngan roti beberape keping, kononnye nak alas perut ni....dalam pukul 10 tu dah lapar balik....so during the break, aku g koop ngan kawan2...nasib baik akak tu ade jual Sandwich, kalo x, gastrik la jawabnye...Just had 2 slice of sandwiches, I think it was ok la kot sementara nk tunggu makan tengahari....ikut pandangan aku, kalo lunch tu makan nasi ngn lauk yg betul xpe kan? so aku bantai la nasi, ikan keli ngan sayur...so sihat la tu kan?? untuk malam nanti tengoklah camne...aku makan roti je la kot....nak kurangkan makan malam....

I will try to kekalkan this diet during this month, see whether there are any changes or not....
Kalau nak tau, seluar slack aku dah ketat tang pinggang....geramnye....
memang sah2 aku gemok.....><"
If we keep on jogging mau ke kurus?? at least nk kurangkan lemak and kekalkan badan yang sihat.....

p/s: Pada pendapat korang, orang laki ngan orang pompuan yang mane lagi taksub nak kurus??
(ade x tips selamat nak kurus??? bagitau cepat....)
one more, thanks for the treat umi...hoho later I pay u back....


Remaja dengan ragamnye ^^

Assalamualaikum wbt....

It's unlucky for me if I'm having a very bad fever during this few weeks of the new year.
I've had a very bad headache last two week and a sore throat accompanied me every night. "uhuk...uhuk.." Thank God I've finally managed to get through all that.

Anyway, that is not the thing, the point I write this entry today is to share with you about teenager and their weird-psycho-maniac manner,..huhu (okay agak keterlaluan disitu). Actually its not that unusual if we talking about teenage problems. Its normal, don't you think? hurmm....let us take a look what we got here.

If we look at today's modern world, teenagers today face many bad encounters whilst growing up. ><" On the way of getting to know oneself and searching identity of life, teenagers often get stuck with social problems and deviant behaviors either accidentally or being force by other parties.

Deviant behavior is behavior that violates the rules and norms of our society. Perhaps, this behavior is common for us as we see it happens everyday in our daily life. It also takes place in schools and even in colleges. Among the bad behavior that is often associated with teenagers including smoking, involve with truancy, drug abuse, sex, pregnant out of wedlock and baby dumping.

Teenagers may involve in one or many bad behaviors stated or else. For instance, a teenager that involved in sex activities, might drive to other deviant behavior like get pregnant and dumping their babies. Yeah, its kinda related to one another...."one leads to another".. According to kajian on the previous year, there were about 2.4% teenagers caught up with illegal sex. While the ministry of development of women, family and community stated that there were 7 cases of baby dumping in the first week on January last year. oh...buang anak je kejenye....agak kejam disitu...><"

Various factors can lead to all this problem. Pertamanya, teenagers today don't realize the consequences of what they are doing now. Tau sedap buat je, tapi tak tahu kesan buruknya...Teenager that are between 13-19 years old can't decide a wise decision for themselves. As this stage of life, some part of their brain that helps them to make decisions is not as fully develop as if an adult, so that's mean they are less capable of making wholly logical decision.

They are vulnerable and easily being influenced by their peers and environment. Parents also play a major roles in shaping them but what happen today is parents and family institution are breaking down. So agak2 paham la disitu ye, if family pun dah berekecai, anak2 yg masih remaje pun memberontak lah...just as simple as that,..but not all end up become a bad one. The accessibility to the internet too has enabled them to obtain bahan2 tak elok cam bahan2 lucah la...ala yang macam korang salu buat tu...haha....

Not only that, as I was saying friends also one of the factors, and when diorang rase puas with what they are doing, menyebabkan diorang ni ketagih. Nak lagi...nak lagi.....nak ape?? tanye diri sendiri...haha....Actually God creates us with a good mind for us to think, but many of us today don't realize that. As what my father told me, "Dunia itu cantik, tapi bohong belake, manusia itu pandai tapi pelupa, syaitan itu bijak tapi dia bodoh..." so hope you can understand that. Teenager should know what is right and wrong before they do something. Tersilap langkah padah jawabnye....^^

As a saying goes, "prevention is better than cure" and "better be safe than sorry" we often hear this, but how many of us know what the intended meaning of it...
Is not too late for a turning back...but remember,do not start it.

Teenage problems also becoming a part of our society, and it covers a wide scope includes individuals, families and communities. In order to prevent this to happen, many considerations can be taken.

That's all, bye.

Thank you for reading,...


Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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