May 23, 2012

Selesai Sudah!

alas! all the miseries end today!
Exam for this semester tamat! balik rumah la jawabnye....
I want to enjoy every moments I have during the break at home and probably hang out with friends to some other interesting places..
and just have a thought of finding a part time job rather than sitting around at home.

oh yeah..the exam was ok...hope I can pass it!

I gone through a lot these few weeks...I had a hypertension that cause me a terrible gastritis...
I lost my appetite...keep on vomiting...and felt pain around the abdomen...I was in pain for two nights and I couldn't sleep. after went through medical treatment and an injection from the doctor, I was relieved.
Thank God. Alhamdulillah...
TQ for the big help you offers to me dear friends...I really appreciate it. Thanks for being there went I needed you guys.

to the home I go..... 

have a nice day everyone..!

May 6, 2012

this too...

Lets share it together


Salam and well hello there again.

We always talk about others especially the bad and the good things they did. 
What we didn't realize is that, the more we talk about others, the more chances we get to be hated by others too. 
What? You think people like to hear we talk about them everyday? no right. 
I know, sometimes we try our best to guard our minds against lying but we seldom guards our tongues from backbiting. 
Like what we often heard, the tongue is a very powerful weapon. 
It could kill someone. Seldom we use it for good and most of the time we use it for our own greatest accomplishments. 
Words that voiced out without considering the literary meaning could ruin a person's life or destroy a friendship. 
People's lives sometimes are destroyed by gossip, and critics from irresponsible people like us. But hey, just look at the bright side, if we don't have the guts to talk about them, how can they be so popular? right? haha .. 
NOpe, I don't think popular is what we chasing for. 
We have to use our tongue and words carefully to reunite friendship and strengthen relationship. 
I realize that talking bad and good things about others is a waste of time, and energy. 

Thus, waste not our energy on something which is destructive.

That's there is for today.
Have a good Weekend!

May 5, 2012

My love pot

I store my love in it.
my love is only for you...
only you...

geezz....what am I bluffing about?? 

"It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone but it takes a lifetime to forget someone."

p/s I'm stuck with boredom...


What the...

I'm totally not agree with this!!!!
I dun want to put a fight here ok....
Aku dah lame duk kat blok H ni, and kucing aku tu dah lama wujud kat sini, ko baru je datang kat area ni jangan nak duk blagak  nak memandai-mandai nk buang kucing aku k..
kalo aku tau ibu kucing tu hilang....ko memang nak cari pasal ngan aku! 
I feed her since sem 1, and ak taw la kucing aku mcam mane...yang duk bising2 tu bukan ibu kucing tu!
just wait and see lah if anything happen to my ibu kucing!

way too stress

I just don't know what to say, I just glad that the over-loaded works have already come to the end. 
Very soon I'll be sitting for exam and I'm freaking out!
Honestly, I keep on forgetting everything I did the last few weeks, I've forgotten almost everything you know.
When was my BIG ha? seriously...
But the thing I know to be true is I've gone through BIG successfully, I enjoyed myself there though my skin got burnt and hitam already. Anyway my kulit dah memang dark so it is not something unusual ok.
so lazy to upload the pictures. but I'll put them all here soon.
Talking about life, yeah I really enjoy my life right now. surrounded by my lovely friends whom always cheer me up. laugh at all time. more or less reduce my stress. I like to go to class rather than sitting in the room without doing anything accept for listening to SNSD's songs and watching the re-run of Vampire Diaries. So fed up.
There's a lot more to read and I hope I can do well in exam though not excellent. 
Nothing will come out from nothing, is it?
duhh whatever....

O yeah, its Saturday again, the same boring routines every time Saturday pass laz to do my laundry! 

P/s thanks again KAYUN for the lovely doodles of me and Kak lu...^^

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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