December 31, 2011

Random moments of 2011 ^^

Salam and hello again....before I officially closing this blog for 2012, here are some pictures of 2011.....(picked at random) ^^ enjoy....



BYe 2011.....

Its time to say goodbye^^


Once again one of the wonderful moments of the year has come to an end. December will close its door anytime from now. Actually this what forces me to write something although there are nothing much to talk about. During the break I have my own 'to-do-list' every week and somehow it just keep slipping down list. I just to lazy to stick to it. But all the time the list saved me somehow.

Its been a year since I started write in this blog. Finally its come to an end of 2011. The desire to share the feelings just keep me moving forward to take time to write it all down. Fb also has enabled me to share and its been great keeping up with friends and family through this year.
Now, I'll try to give you a little taste of my year have.

First of all, I have to say that I am too happy to be here in IPG. I'm very sure that not only me who has the feelings but everyone else too. They too astonished at how much we have grown during this 2011. The boys have grown to men, and so the girls turn to ladies. They are just lovely.

After one and a half years of sweat, blood, tears, and laughter, we finally get to the end and guess what next year we are going to be in degree program for real!
I want to thank each and everyone of you in K13 for allowing me to come into your life, to share your ups and downs..thank you for listening to my nonsense and laughing not at the correct moments.

Through all this years with you, I have also grown (older), learn and unlearn and overall tried to be a better person.

To my friends:

Umie, the ever remarkable young lady and a fun one, thanks for your help friend.
Wan, another good friend of mine, who understand me most of the times.
Eblin, gem of K13, thanks for being you and she such a sweet girl actually.
Marry, she does funny voices and ever sweet and talented one.
Kayun, another talented one, hard working and determined gem..always smile with her sweet sticking out gigi taring ..haha...
yoke ling, the wonderful and quiet one. 'diam2 ubi berisi'...
Rashidi, what can I say? haha your jokes sometimes can be confusing...
Dash, very diligent one, such a talented and outspoken person. she has beautiful eyes too.
Thevika, haha here she comes....very outspoken and a lovely girl...sometimes drives me crazy!
Yamna, always being a naive, innocent young lady...
Kak Lu the one and only kakak in my class can be very funny...thanks for being one of us..
Faiz, can be ver nosy and quiet all the time in class...meow...
Jimmy the confusing one though drive all the girls crazy...
Famy aka rommate, the thoughtful one, who has a lot to say but seldom got the chance to voice it out....I hear you and understand...
Izzat, Yuszman, Kimi, these three gentlemen are just the same somehow, they are very helpful and can be very sensible...
Azmie, he is a good friend...and helped me a lot..thanks...^^ glad to have you,...
Zaty, sweet young lad and talented also.,..who will one day blossom into what you are meant to be.
Hamdan, very thoughtful too and helpful but can be very naughty in class..
Mira, such a lovely friend...
Putery, the faithful treasurer, can be very funny and moody sometimes...hehehe
Cik Sia, the gentle friend and being the victim of the sorry for chasing after you all the time...hehe..
and last but not least, Kak Huda, the lovely kakak and the manja one. She always happy and enjoy all the time. Thanks for being in K13.

Did I missed anyone? no? haha...

Oh yeah, me, the one and only with 'verbal diarrhea' all the time...sorry guys make u guys feel uncomfortable....^_<"

Even though there were a lot of wonderful moments this year, it was still a pretty laid back year for me...nothing terribly crazy I guess...Just enjoying every time I have with the loved ones and I feel so grateful to end this year with a big smile. Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to live in this world...Alhamdulillah....

That's there is...

thanks for viewing....
and wish everybody a happy new year...^^

December 26, 2011


ggle image

AHHH so stress lame............pfft!!

December 23, 2011


When you engage in work that taps your talent, that fuels your passion that rises out of a great need in the world that you feel drawn by conscience to meet, there in lies your voice , your calling , your soul's code'. Steven Covey

December 22, 2011

The feelings just keep hang up on me

I really miss the old days.....miss looking up the big opened blue sky......

When everything is blue, without a single cloud.....
Today its hardly to find the sky without a single cloud...hurm...

Its been three weeks since the holiday started, I already start my driving lessons....and next week is the day,.,,hope I can pass the test...

Last Saturday I went to TRAP with my friend.
TRAP is just short name for Taman Rekreasi Air Panas at Sg KLah.
It was jammed packed with people I tell you. Many people especially those from KL went there with family and friends. In fact there were people in vacation came with buses.

Didn't get any chances to snap more pics as my phone was running out of battery. So the rest of the photos are with my friend. 

The water is hot.! I almost boiled my legs. My legs turn red and lasted for hours. 

I wonder why is the water greenish and tasted salty...euww it must be the urine....ptuih2!
(p/s I peed several times there...hahaha)

this is Akmal

It was quite a good day so far....

Wordless Wednesday

December 16, 2011

At last....

Again am here with a feeling that can't be explained,though I feel it deep inside me.
After I got the result, the only word burst from my mouth was "Alhamdulillah".
Thank you Allah, after all this while I know my prayers have been answered.
Thank you to my family for giving me the support and doa.

For not I forgot, to emak thank you for willing to recite yassin while I was in exam. You did that every time I sit for an exam. I know you love me. Only emak can do that for me. No one else can. My achievements are only for you emak. I love you emak..^^

From the first day I stepped into the ipg, the only thing I knew was to pass the final exam.
At last I pass it and now, like everyone always says "entering to the new world...."  yes, I will next year.
I know I can do it. I believe this one thing, if I keep remain the spirit, insyaAllah nothing is impossible for me. All my hard work has paid off.

Personally, I'm so nervous for this upcoming pointer. I just know that I pass it, but they don't show us the pointer yet, guess have to wait till the holiday ends. I hope I can get better pointer. Yeah It might sounds over excited, but actually I am, simply becoz this is my first exam..huhu..maklumlah batak sikit...
After this, degree program will be more tougher than PPISMP. I have to get myself prepared.

I think that's the end of it.

Don't stop believing yourself.^^


December 12, 2011

A time for everything

Salam and hello everyone. 

Today, many people are stressed out with works and often tired. They mostly claiming that they are too busy with hardly time for a drink or even a chat.

"Time is the scarcest resource and unless time is managed, nothing else can be managed" Peter Drucker.

People also become a victim rushing from task to task, never quite finishing anything but still working late to achieve less.

This oftentimes happen to students and people who work in offices. Best time management is the solution to this. People today are no longer have a good time management, that is why they face stress and pile of works to be done.

The aim of time management is to help us being smarter, more efficient, and productive everyday. It is also a process to help us achieve our goals in life.

Time management principles can be applied at any situations. Our goals are our long term ambitions. They become the reason we work for and motivates us and make our job worthwhile.

In everyday life, we should know what are we going to do for today, tomorrow and of course for the whole week. Once you know what you are about to do, write them down in your diary, note books, memo pad and organizer. You need to look at them at least once a week and feel motivated by them.

Delete or cross out each objective once it is completed. Use the same steps every time you have works to do. Organize your work properly. People seem to be happier and are more efficient when they manage their daily schedules in a structured way.

Make a right choice for yourself. Get organized.

Thanks for reading. ^^

Have a good day everyone!                                                            

(info adapted from Sunday Star)

Durian fever? Anyone?

People in Malaysia enjoy durian so much. When the season comes, people all around Malaysia 'menggedik' look out for it. 
Especially those who lives in town. Durian is such a rare fruits to them. lah today, people are even smarter, they bring tones of durian and sold it in town, in fact they sell it at high prizes. 
Oh lord, how lucky I am living in a peaceful kampung that home to various species of fruits. Anyway the king of fruits has its weird smell but yet yummy. 
Driving on the road, we could see many durian stalls opened near the road side. 
The smells can be detected miles away. 
Durian does has strong smell and this is why some people don't like to eat them. 
The smells take second place to the taste. 
Durian should be taken fresh, direct from the fruit, as soon as it is opened. 
That's when the aroma and taste are strongest. 
For those who used to eat durians, the taste of fresh and refrigerated durians simply can't compare.
What causes durian to smell so strong? 
I just found out that ripe durian contains a mix of chemical compounds. 
They include esters, ketones, and sulphurs smell like rotten eggs, while ketones smell like our breath upon waking up in the morning. haha...yucks...
Eating too much durians may cause your body temperature to rise. 
People who have eaten large amount of durian at a time most likely feel hot and sweaty and consequently get headache. 
Drink a lot of mineral water to cool down your body temperature k.

Eat right, enjoy , and stay healthy.


December 8, 2011

HPVs vaccination and Cervical Cancer

Salam everyone.
In the name of Allah, the creator of me and you.

In today's post I would like to share something with you about Human papillomaviruses (HPVs). Ever since I have a bunch of old newspapers at my home, I had the desire to look out for any interesting topic to read on.
So while I was scanning through the newspapers, I found this topic. It's kind of interesting and I think I should share this as most of my friends are girls, they should be aware of this.
Actually I found it out long before I came home, and I had to hold it up as I was in exam week. Now only I have the time to talk about it. 

First of all, HPV is a type of virus that can infect on humans. This virus can cause cancer of cervix, vagina, and anus for women, or cancer of anus and penis in men. It becomes dangerous to us, if we don't look out for treatment.

According to Sunday Star, cervical cancer is diagnosed in 500,00 women each year worldwide and claims half of the lives annually.  Most of the HPV types have been identified to cause cervical cancer and vaccination is needed to prevent this to happen. HPV 16 and 18 are the phase where it can leads to cervical cancer. Genital HPV infections can occur without any notice and symptoms.

In Malaysia, from early 2012 next year, there will be free HPV vaccination given to unmarried women aged 18 and above. This massive action is taken by the Health Ministry as a preventive measure to protect women against cervical cancer. For those who has not being vaccinated, so I think you should go to the nearest clinic to get one. Prevention is better than cure. 

There is no clear statement whether we can get the vaccination free at the private clinic or not. But what I know is, private clinics charge at least RM600 for three injections. According to it, National Cancer Registry stated that  in 2006, the three most frequent cancers among women in Malaysia were breast, colorectal and cervix. 

The health ministry also has started on giving free HPV vaccination to form 1 students last year and they wanted to extend it to women beyond the age. 

I personally think that, by having the vaccination, the chances to get the cancer can be prevented. Each year the number of women die with cervical cancer is increasing. The numbers will continue to increase if no action being taken. One step taken, can change our entire life.

Thanks for reading.

World Environment day

World environment day is a global day for positive environmental action. People all around the world come together to ensure a clean environment and a safe place to live in. On this day people can take actions by planting more trees, organize cleaning up team for the neighborhood area or conduct any forms of activities for young children to enjoy.

World environment day this year focuses on FORESTS. For your information, India is the host of this global 'green' celebrations. The country was selected by the United Nations as it has shown commitment towards protection of its environment. 

The remarkable people of India has embarked on biggest tree planting to combat land-degradation. It has also successfully introduced projects that track the health of the plants, animals, water and other natural resources like mangrove forests. India with its well-known forests that store many wildlife species and home to millions of flora. 

The actions taken by India proves that the Earth can be saved and it is our job to protect it. This is crucial as it will preserve the natural resources from being destroyed and protect the wildlife species. We in Malaysia also can do such actions and the simple action that we can take is plant more trees, and reduce waste capacity by organize cleaning up team to clear up the mess around the neighborhood. 

Go 'green' everyone and participate in the environment celebrations held in our country. Start now or else you will regret. Important thing to remember, stop taking plastic bags from supermarket, stop using it, and start to bring your own shopping bags. Today, there are various pattern of shopping bags with variety of colors. So the choice is in your hand.

       - Forests cover 31% of total land area.
       - Forests are home to 300 million people around the world.
       - Over 1.6 billion people around the world depend on forests.
       - 30% of forests are used for production of wood and non-wood products.

Thanks for viewing ^^            

(Information adapted from [Q])

Was it me or you??

Okay hye u all, we are in the month of December, and as we all know, I'm enjoying my holiday as much. BUt,...

Actually, I have some kind of problem with my friend here. Hate to say this, but he annoyed me so much. After I posted something telling about him on Fb, he got mad,..but actually I was telling the truth and was hoping he'll understand and say sorry to me. I know it's hard to keep something away from me, as I'll know at the end. So why don't he just tell me about it at the first place. Keeping something away from me just not the thing I like. So learn from mistake ok. For him my words sounded sarcastic but It was true anyway. Hey, I'm still your friend dude, but please don't make me suffer with little thing like this. one more thing, he don't know how to deal with a friend who is not in the mood like me. Let me tell you this, if I'm angry, just please let me settle myself first, when I'm done everything will come to normal as it used to be. But in this case, he sort of put some more petrol on me and let me burnt with a bigger fire. See, please I hope he'll take back his words and am still waiting for him to apologize. If he wants to continue being like this, I have no choice, have to accept it with great pleasure.

Sorry if I started Dec like this....

what a bad day...


Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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