March 9, 2012


School based experience....
Tamat dengan jayanya....Alhamdulillah..everything went well so far....
I got a lot of experiences and new knowledge. Thank you very much to all teachers for willing to share with me everything they know about teaching and learning in school...
On the last day, I had the opportunity to deliver a short speech and it was so embarrassing.
The pupils were all looking at me and I think I was like scolding them rather than reminding them to study hard.
It was a great honor to deliver the speech in front of pupils, my former teachers and so the Guru besar.
And what makes my SBE more exciting was the year 2 pupils. They are so energetic and clever.
I love them so much. Alhamdulillah, they like my approach and my silly jokes too. And becoz of that, a girl named Erisha gave me a present. Not only that, each and everyone of them wrOte something for me and a girl named Puty drew a picture of me, how clever she is. But I can't show it today, maybe next time. It really means a lot to me. As in return, I gave them all a bookmark each.
It was sort of encouragement for them to study and hopefully pass with flying colors.
In today's post I'd just tell you briefly about my SBE, but maybe I'll describe fully about it later on.
Here are some pictures I have taken...but I only want to share a bit only.
ok..have fun...


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