May 5, 2012

way too stress

I just don't know what to say, I just glad that the over-loaded works have already come to the end. 
Very soon I'll be sitting for exam and I'm freaking out!
Honestly, I keep on forgetting everything I did the last few weeks, I've forgotten almost everything you know.
When was my BIG ha? seriously...
But the thing I know to be true is I've gone through BIG successfully, I enjoyed myself there though my skin got burnt and hitam already. Anyway my kulit dah memang dark so it is not something unusual ok.
so lazy to upload the pictures. but I'll put them all here soon.
Talking about life, yeah I really enjoy my life right now. surrounded by my lovely friends whom always cheer me up. laugh at all time. more or less reduce my stress. I like to go to class rather than sitting in the room without doing anything accept for listening to SNSD's songs and watching the re-run of Vampire Diaries. So fed up.
There's a lot more to read and I hope I can do well in exam though not excellent. 
Nothing will come out from nothing, is it?
duhh whatever....

O yeah, its Saturday again, the same boring routines every time Saturday pass laz to do my laundry! 

P/s thanks again KAYUN for the lovely doodles of me and Kak lu...^^

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