June 4, 2012

As lazy as Sun day

alas I'm here again...its been awhile since the last post.

ggle pic

Anyway, it's been a week or more I guess the sem break has started, I spent most of the time at home, lying on my bed with the unread novel in my hands, with eyes stuck on the lappy screen, and spending my night with friends outside. And that's it. I'm free from assignments and what not. I can eat whatever I want, at anytime and anywhere...I can sleep whenever I want at anytime and anywhere...it's cool for being home. I'm still looking forward for a part time job, but seems like I can't get my butt off this bed and too lazy to go anywhere. I don't really want to go out during this break, as most of the time I there in ipg was to make my butt glued at home. Though my parent isn't the type of 'going-out-for-holiday' person, and I know it's kinda lame, it's ok for me...as the genes are transferred into me. haha..get what I mean? duhh..whatever..
Oh yeah, spending time with my niece is really fun. This is the time for me to get to know how to be a good uncle...you know what, as I look after my niece, I learn many kinds of things including changing diapers,  feeding her, and teach phonics...yeah sounds weird, but yeah I've done it quite well..

Not to forget, I need to keep my journal updated..but seriously I'm too lazy...
I always looking up to new ideas, but still too lazy to write all those ideas in the written form..
Even though I don't really write like those I found in the articles, they are still huge inspirations of mine to make one! Today, spending my day off reading some magazines and books...

Have a good week everybody! :-D

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NAL said...

have a nice day :)

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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