August 25, 2012

unexpected things happened!

We had our BBQ for the seond time this year at my friend's house last night.
This time around, Yati, Ayu and Aida were there too.
I'm glad they managed to join the rest of us.

Actually, bbq is not my intention when I write this, I have something else to share, way better than this.
I don't know, lately I feel so boring with works overloaded and still have it at the back of my mind until last night, I managed to break through the boundaries and I know had succeeded.
It's simple though, just put a little bit sos and pepper, 'pouf!' it was there! haha
Maybe when you read this, you may think that I'm crazy, in fact I am...haha...naah whatever...
I had a great time last night.... tell you what, I've been waiting for that for 6 years...haha...quite a long time though.... I was glad! I finally got it!!
hahahaha.... It wasn't an easy climb.... after all, I got it... I know, I shouldn't be too happy about this, but it wasn't something I can afford by myself so its my victory I suppose...

Till next time...

Pbs is coming on Monday..I should get prepared!

1 comment:

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

Salam n hye Jay..

it's been a very long time since the last time I came here, sori, hehe..

well done if u hv succeeded in what u're doing.. ^_^

nway, slamat ari raye..
maaf zahir batin..

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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