October 7, 2011

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Actually I'm not talking about the above pic, but just want to share my thoughts about something else.

Alright, I wanna ask you guys, is becoming a successful person in life  as easy as it seems??

It maybe yes and maybe not. What are the things that you think will help you succeed in life?
Is it good looks? Money? family? friends? or some other factors which you think beneficial in contributing to the success?

Success or triumph depends on how you define it. Some people may say that achieving a simple successes or having a such happy life is enough for them. But for others, being  successful in the eyes of the world is success for them. 

Nevertheless, to be successful depends on how many effort we put on our work and how we manage it. For some people, lack of factors would slow down the chances to achieving in life. 

let us think, with a good look, money, credibility, and background family, one could be famous and of course can success easily. Don't you think so? 
But, one of the main factors behind achieving true success in life is having real talent in you. 

Though you don't have any of those good quality in you, talent is most important and will make you succeed in life. Discover your own talent and make fun with it. What I'm trying to say here however, is that you have to make use of your talent and show to the world that you can do it.

For some people, it's not an easy task. This is basically because of the obstacles and they don't know whether they have it or not. They are not determined enough to get what they want. 
If we are not trying, how could we achieve, right? Just give it a shot, then you'll see how the results may look like. 

Everyday, every moment we would think about what are we going to be when we were grown up. Full of ambitious, dreams, reveries, trances, and fantasies.
Big dreams come from big souls. The soul is another story which we get it from our faith to God (Allah). 

Don't be afraid to aim something high, because of the high expectation makes us work harder to succeed.

Let me tell you something, I read this before,.
As enunciated by Rubaiyi' bin Amir, comander of the Muslim army during the war between Rustam the Persian army chief, who said;

"We are fighters who want to free mankind from the slavery of man to enslave themselves to each other but only serve to God. We want people out of the narrowness of the world's leading leisure hereafter..."

So in that case, we have to be confident and know what we want in life. Set our goals and try our best to achieve them. No matter what, if we know and stick to our main objectives, we have to fight, fight, fight and fight till the end. Thus, the success will be in our hands.

Success is not all about money, good looks and status, but determination, talents, passion and confident are contributing to real success. 

As a saying goes;

'Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you're not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.'

David Rockefeller


That's about it, till next time,.

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