November 3, 2011

Orang punye hal

seriously I am badly hurt by one or two people in my class!
This time, she's totally out of my list...
How could I ever stay with someone who always playing tricks with me?
Sometimes she seems nice, and sometimes she act other way round.
Eh, if I can be nice to you, why can't you.. and please mark my statement, when it comes to friendship, I take it seriously...and joking around is fine with me, but don't ever play with my friendship.  If you don't feel like wanta be my friend, then quit from acting like one. I don't ask for you to come crawl to me and begging me to be friend with you.
Oh god, she's such a hypocrite..
I was really shocked when I sincerely praised her, to let her know how pleased I was with her work, but I got shit in turn. what kind of friend is this? 
Okay one thing that I want to make it clear here, for certain extend, my class, they are comfortable working alone rather than sharing info with others. I just don't get it. But, I try to understand, yes some people don't do study group as they believe they can achieve by themselves, honestly I can't.
Sharing and helping others are things that is not a waste at all.
I can see through their face. Seriously for this girl, I don't like her attitude. For such a long time, I keep it in my heart, now I have to let it go.. Sorry for telling you this. 
But this is what I feel. Just accept whoever your friend is. Just say it out loud if you don't like to be friend with me, I don't care...
For those who cares about friendship, appreciate your friends!!
One more thing, this guy ever since make me feel so annoyed with his attitude.
Stop pretending la!! You think I'm that stupid?? Let me tell you straight from the bottom of my dark heart, he is practicing 'prejudice' since sem 1. I don't care! I know who I am, and now you are showing me your true color. NOW, don't expect I will 'hormat' you in such a way I did to you before.

Please forgive me for telling you, all this,  u guys made me do so.
So sorry, this is the saddest part of my life in this IPG. 

So long friends!


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