November 27, 2011

Something I know to be true again

I'm back...............

First of all I need to say sorry for not posting anything since last week.
(why should I say sorry to you? haha I know you guys don't even care... but wait, do you? hahaha)
Actually on the previous post I mentioned not to post anything until next month right.? hehe
whatever it is, I need to post this anyway., what has happened to me this few weeks?..huh...
oh yeah...Since the school holiday has started, many things to do and programs to attend.
Before I briefly tell you what are the things to do during this holiday, just wanta say that I survived during the exams. Thank God I managed to answer the questions though some of them were way too difficult for me. Hope I can pass. *pray*

Okay, first week at home, just sitting around, listening to SNSD's songs, movies and stuck with boredom. Hey, Introducing you my new fav K-POP group F(X). *Voila*!

Laziness has pulled me down that all I ever do these weeks were rolling around on bed, watching old plain movies, got some DVDs to watch, and most important was make myself full with food. Feeling myself bloated with gum-balls...waiting to explode. *pouf*

Meanwhile, this morning I attended to a 'ceramah' for my first and only car licence-to-be and it was boring though. After I got my L, I'll go for car driving practice. Horayy.... Know what, my father once asked me and technically taught me how to drive a car, but I just couldn't get it. It was hard to control a 'machine' using my feet. Anyhow, I must try.
My friends, they all got their own licence already. I need to pass this so I can drive anywhere I wanted to go.

Yesterday me and friends went to Sg Bil. For those who doesn't know what Sg Bil is, let me tell you. It is a place similar to Lata Kinjang but a bit smaller and it hasn't got any thrilling cascade like lata's. I don't have any pics to show, but I guess you can figure it out. Actually yesterday wasn't a well-planned journey, as at first we found the weather was killing hot at noon and we got there around 3pm. As usual in Malaysia when it is hot at noon, there will pour in the evening. So we technically spent half and hour there before we headed home wet. It was a not-so-well journey and I was down with headache and still can feel the pain till now.

As you all know, when we are soaking wet, we actually feel hungry, to be told, I was so hungry after we reached home. From eating at home, I went to the nearest mamak stall to eat tosai instead.

I really missed those days where we always spend time together at the mamak stall chit-chat about everything. *sigh*
I really missed those days....
Well anyway, two slice of tosai was enough to make me forget all that. hehe...

oh yeah just have the pics when we used to hang out in Tg Malim. After lingered around the 'pasar malam' we used to go to KFC. Haha...(mcm da xde tmpt lain ye..) hehe
(hey wait a second, have I ever post this pictures before?)

what more can I say? hehe...
hurm....there are many wedding invitations we got from relatives and friends of my family. Attending to people's wedding also becomes a part of my tentative this month. Hee..
Actually I am waiting for my other friends to come home so we can hang out.
Hah! not to mention, I will be joining the 'tabligh' thing with my father. nothing ventured, nothing gained. I guess that's all for now.
There are more to think n to do, guess have to wait ya.


Oh ya, merely forgot, I will start discussing about current issues and everything that comes in my mind here in my blog soon. So it'll not gonna be about my life only, but also things to ponder.
Just like journal or something, yeah you know that. It is just a thought, I'll work on it.

Ok, bye..
Thanks for viewing..

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