April 22, 2012

International Mother Earth Day

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Salam everyone...

Today is Earth Day. 
As we all know, the ecosystems are changing. It is our responsibilities to stop the activities that could harm our mother Earth. As temperatures get warmer, the survival of vulnerable species  like polar bears and coral reefs become threatened. 
Human activities cause huge quantities of carbon dioxide being released into the Earth atmosphere. This more or less will affect the pH value; as rain water that consist of carbon dioxide makes the seawater acidic and thus affect marine life to suffer.
Every species of fish in the sea including marine mammals depend on each other and if the primary sources extinct, how the others would survive. 
If global economic growth continues at the current state, definitely we have to find another planets by the end of the century to sustain the consumption pattern. 
Act now,  open up your eyes and see the current state of the world. 

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