March 7, 2011

Sport's day

Assalamualaikum and hello...~ greeting to all creatures......
It's been a while since my last post.
There were many things happened last week, but still I got no chance to talk about it.

To begin with, our IPG held a sport day on 3rd march 2011 last week. 
The sport was successfully participated by all the students in IPG. 
Unfortunately, there were still some people didn't take part in any event. 
To be told that the sport was organised to let the students to show their talents 
as well as provide a chance for them to know each other and work hand in hand.
It also for the junior like me to get to know our seniors better. 
It was a fun experience to know each other especially knowing them from other K unit. 
I was in the 'Red Eagle' team which is the winning team on that day.
I'm so proud to be part of the team. huhu^^

Moreover, all the K unit have to join the marching band for our Eagle team,..
including I am in K unit as well. 
At first I felt that this marching thing will mess me up and so thought I won't get any chance
to study for my moc exam. After I've joined the marching band, 
I found the excitement in myself. 
I did enjoy it. It was fun. order to not let our team down, we started to practice for about two weeks before the sports day. 
Though we struggled to get the steps alas we did it. 
Unfortunately, a day before the sport day, we have been told by our senior that we have 
to change the formation. 
They made up the new formations which were more simple and accurate to the time limit 
or I can say it as a one way formations.
Some of us thought that we all couldn't make it during the sports day, 
but after we have been brain washed by our senior, and thinking of all the preparations 
that has been prepared we all decided to do our best for our team. 
The night before the sports day, we practiced until midnight in the field.

At last, during the sport day our team did a-so-great-job....hehe.....
though we didn't win the first prize for marching, we managed to do it without any problems. 
To be honest, it was really hot and so uncomfortable wearing the paper-made-hat a.k.a cowboy hat..haha....
Actually when you wear it, you definitely look like a mushroom. haha..^^

Our Eagle team collected many points and took us up to the top. 
yuhuuu...hehe....congratulations to Eagle team..huhu... 
It was  really exciting as I was the one who were jumping here and there...
shouting and screaming "Helang Juara!!!" for many times......
though it seemed exhausting thing to do, but I still can stand until the event end. 
The unforgettable moment was, when they announced our Eagle team is the winner for the
whole round, which was I jumped with the pom-pom thing on my hand and shouted 
I was so happy that day. 'majulah sukan untuk negara'..huhu

We all went back to our hostel and we also gave some feedback about the sports day 
and shared our feelings in Facebook. It was truly a great experience.

And that's there is, and there isn't anymore.
From now onwards, I must put my head on the exam mood.
If there is more fun, and there will be trouble on the way....~ huhu

Thanks for viewing everybody....

have nice day... 


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