March 18, 2011

ways to release Stress ^^

hello guys... now I want to share with u guys how to release ur stress.... this month must be a tough month for u guys as we all surrounded by ASSIGNMENTS!! right??? hahaha..... I feel the same way too...
so dun worry.....sit back n relax... n enjoy k.....huhu...

Today life is full of all claims and issues, plus a variety of live load, stress seems to be something that is inevitable. Such pressure by the pressure if left unchecked will be very psychologically disturbing. However, there are many ways to relieve stress....check it out guys....:

1. Take a break!
When you realize you began to feel the pressure, stop whatever you are doing and saying the middle of the heart in yourself "calm." ^^

2. Breath......

Breathe deeply and slowly release it, concentrate on your diaphragm movement. Do this two or three times until you begin to feel in control.

3. decrease the tensions

If you're sitting, stand up and do a stretching or whatever you can. Movement of the hands and arms in turn, then lift your shoulders and make your body feel relaxed.

4. Move

Do brisk walking, although it was only the streets around the room or bathroom, it is useful to help improve blood circulation. Engaged on a regular basis can help to burn the negative effects of stress hormones.

5. Shouting and Screaming!!!

Go to a private place and screaming or yelling as loud as you can. It can also be used for therapeutic stress reliever. Some people find hitting the pillow as hard as possible to help.

6. Essential Flower TherapyPut several drops of flower essence, such as Bach Rescue Remedy, Jan de Vries Emergency Essence or Australian Bush Flower Essence Emergency, in your tongue. (merepek jer) huhu

7. Think Positive +ve ^^

Choose something that is feasible, a positive personal thoughts - such as' I feel positive pressure, not stress the negative "- and repeated regularly on yourself.

8. Eat healthy food

Live a healthy diet and do not be tempted to eat excessive. Eat healthy snacks such as dried fruits, wheat biscuit to help improve your blood sugar levels.

9. Listen to Music~

Listen to the gentle rhythm of the music can help you more relaxed. Voice recordings of nature like the surf, the birds chirping, or the sound of water flowing very ideal

10. Learn to be more assertive. 

Said 'NO' to unreasonable demands will help you reduce stress.

11. Organized

Start the program in your daily life according to your time effectively. Make a priority so you can deal with stress at a time.

12. Give Praise of Other People

Make a point to give a sincere compliment to others around you. If you can make them feel comfortable with themselves to give a positive effect on you as well.

13. Laugh

Watch a comedy, laugh with your friends, or visit a special website to provide a joke - laughter is the extraordinary remedy of stress. *don't too over laugh, or u will end up living in the hospital bahagia^^

14. Consumption of Vitamins and Supplements

You may need vitamin B group, and antioxidants like vitamins C and E at the moment of pressure. Probiotic supplements can also help you cope with stress.

thanks for viewing....

have a blast!


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