March 27, 2011

OraL presentation??? whats???!!

again the topic oral comes up in college.

to be exact, tomorrow we are going to do our very-first-LDV-group-oral-presentation  for this sem!

me, Wan, and Shidee are teamed up together, the title of the oral that we picked (actually I picked)

is about environment~

but that is not the point.

the point is, we aren't prepare the slides yet...

I'm a bit worry or I can say that BIG WORRY bcoz the oral presentation is part of our assignments,

so I don't want to lose marks bcoz of the 'not-prepared-slide'.

I mean like- I'm in hell right now!!

so for anyone who is reading this post, please wish me luck!

thx for viewing..have a nice day^^

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