June 28, 2011

A little light relief

I noticed that everyone in my class is much aware of what will happen during this final semester of foundation year. Why I said so? Well, it is because this third sem is considered as the 'cream of the crop'. This sem is the time for us to squeeze our brain out and got to work harder than last sem. We should put our head focus on the track by now, as the exam is waiting for us. No more movies, no more outing, and no more selling Avon I suppose,..haha..
I don't think this will stop me from doing all those things...but after all I need to quit doing all that. 

My lecturer keep telling us to start our engine and start moving. To my horror, I nearly failed my ES paper last sem. I don't know what had coming in my mind that time. Everything seemed impossible for me. My lecturer asked me to be more hardworking this sem. Pay attention in class and do the exercises that she gives to me. Extra works on the poetry, short stories and play.

I have no choice, I have to... For that reasons, I can't say 'NO' and have to say 'YES' to myself even though I know it's hard for me to accomplished it. With the help of my lecturers, friends, and support from my family, I believe that I can do it! 
~Everything is possible if you have the courage and determination!.~ 
Through my days in IPG with friends, I know I have also grown, you all taught me not to give up, learn and unlearn and over all, tried to be a better friend, a better student, a better son, and a better teacher-to-be.

I have to be more focus and got to put a lot of efforts in everything I do. As the saying goes, "nothing ventured, nothing gained". I do believe in that. 

On the other hand, now I'm struggling to finish my reading on the novel "To Kill A Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee. It's only a few chapters left, but really, I'm too lazy to finish it. The writer is really good in expressing her idea and thoughts on the story through the characters. I do enjoy myself reading this novel. I found many interesting perspectives in the story as I go along. Not just that, there are many good and bad qualities we can learn from the novel itself. It's kind off like "a-must-read-novel" for me. Though I'm not finish my reading yet, as I read along the lines, I found the story taught me to be good in some ways. 

Coming back to the main thing. I personally think that this time around everybody would giving full of their attention on the studies, be more serious on doing the assignments, and would try to be the best in doing their group presentations. 

speaking about group presentation, this time I want to be more cooperative and able to listen to others on their ideas and thoughts. Not that I was being a jerk last time, but I think that I was too emotional towards my group members. And there were some arguments going on during our group discussion. It's a conflict anyway. We can't run from conflict in our lives. It always lingering our daily lives. I don't like it to be that way again this time. 

Hurm.... the thing that really bothers me right now is, I can't write well as in academic writing. When it comes to doing the written assignment, I noticed that I hardly express my thoughts in the form of academic writing. My lecturer once told me that, I need to practice a lot. I know my weaknesses, so I have to do something about it. 

She said that she can't help me If I don't help myself. She even told me to take some time to read some English books.(which I enjoy the most). and just read anything in English. She is kind enough to let me write any form of essays, and send it to her,to check where I need to improve. She's right! I need to do the exercise. And indeed reading is one of the ways to improve my language. I buy newspapers and English magazines to read. Instead of that, I try my best to do journal. Cutting materials from newspapers is what I enjoy the most during my free time. I hope it can help me to improve my English.

Personally, in the first place I did not really like this "teacher-to-be" thing, but after I entered this IPG, I tend to love it. I grabbed this chance once in a life time, to further my studies in English language and hoping to become a good English teacher. 

The ups and down I faced before will always be my inspiration and my guide for a better tomorrow. And I always believe that Allah knows what is the best for us and he will always gives the best if we have done the best for ourselves. 

That's all for now...

have a nice day^^

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