June 26, 2011


We will experience new situations whilst growing up and it's not always easy to know what to do.
It can be helpful to talk it over with someone whom we feel comfortable with, eg: FRIENDS.
The best time to talk is when we are just sitting around and there's nothing really going on.
Parents also one of the place we can refer to when we face problems. 
we may find that they are a great source of information than our friends. 
why should we talk to them?
well, simply because our parents are often a better place of comfort and wisdom.
As wonderful as friendships can be..we can count on our parents when our friends might fail us.
Do not turn back on our parents. They have experiences more of life than we do. Plus, they were once teenagers. Listen when they talk and don't dismissive their opinions. They might actually be right.

good day everyone! ^^

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