December 8, 2011

Was it me or you??

Okay hye u all, we are in the month of December, and as we all know, I'm enjoying my holiday as much. BUt,...

Actually, I have some kind of problem with my friend here. Hate to say this, but he annoyed me so much. After I posted something telling about him on Fb, he got mad,..but actually I was telling the truth and was hoping he'll understand and say sorry to me. I know it's hard to keep something away from me, as I'll know at the end. So why don't he just tell me about it at the first place. Keeping something away from me just not the thing I like. So learn from mistake ok. For him my words sounded sarcastic but It was true anyway. Hey, I'm still your friend dude, but please don't make me suffer with little thing like this. one more thing, he don't know how to deal with a friend who is not in the mood like me. Let me tell you this, if I'm angry, just please let me settle myself first, when I'm done everything will come to normal as it used to be. But in this case, he sort of put some more petrol on me and let me burnt with a bigger fire. See, please I hope he'll take back his words and am still waiting for him to apologize. If he wants to continue being like this, I have no choice, have to accept it with great pleasure.

Sorry if I started Dec like this....

what a bad day...


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