December 16, 2011

At last....

Again am here with a feeling that can't be explained,though I feel it deep inside me.
After I got the result, the only word burst from my mouth was "Alhamdulillah".
Thank you Allah, after all this while I know my prayers have been answered.
Thank you to my family for giving me the support and doa.

For not I forgot, to emak thank you for willing to recite yassin while I was in exam. You did that every time I sit for an exam. I know you love me. Only emak can do that for me. No one else can. My achievements are only for you emak. I love you emak..^^

From the first day I stepped into the ipg, the only thing I knew was to pass the final exam.
At last I pass it and now, like everyone always says "entering to the new world...."  yes, I will next year.
I know I can do it. I believe this one thing, if I keep remain the spirit, insyaAllah nothing is impossible for me. All my hard work has paid off.

Personally, I'm so nervous for this upcoming pointer. I just know that I pass it, but they don't show us the pointer yet, guess have to wait till the holiday ends. I hope I can get better pointer. Yeah It might sounds over excited, but actually I am, simply becoz this is my first exam..huhu..maklumlah batak sikit...
After this, degree program will be more tougher than PPISMP. I have to get myself prepared.

I think that's the end of it.

Don't stop believing yourself.^^


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