December 12, 2011

Durian fever? Anyone?

People in Malaysia enjoy durian so much. When the season comes, people all around Malaysia 'menggedik' look out for it. 
Especially those who lives in town. Durian is such a rare fruits to them. lah today, people are even smarter, they bring tones of durian and sold it in town, in fact they sell it at high prizes. 
Oh lord, how lucky I am living in a peaceful kampung that home to various species of fruits. Anyway the king of fruits has its weird smell but yet yummy. 
Driving on the road, we could see many durian stalls opened near the road side. 
The smells can be detected miles away. 
Durian does has strong smell and this is why some people don't like to eat them. 
The smells take second place to the taste. 
Durian should be taken fresh, direct from the fruit, as soon as it is opened. 
That's when the aroma and taste are strongest. 
For those who used to eat durians, the taste of fresh and refrigerated durians simply can't compare.
What causes durian to smell so strong? 
I just found out that ripe durian contains a mix of chemical compounds. 
They include esters, ketones, and sulphurs smell like rotten eggs, while ketones smell like our breath upon waking up in the morning. haha...yucks...
Eating too much durians may cause your body temperature to rise. 
People who have eaten large amount of durian at a time most likely feel hot and sweaty and consequently get headache. 
Drink a lot of mineral water to cool down your body temperature k.

Eat right, enjoy , and stay healthy.



putput3 said...

tempoyak...tempoyak...tempoyak... ahhaa XD

Jabar Ainal ^^ said...

Tempoyak...dah mengeras dlm peti ais tu..hehe...

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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