December 12, 2011

A time for everything

Salam and hello everyone. 

Today, many people are stressed out with works and often tired. They mostly claiming that they are too busy with hardly time for a drink or even a chat.

"Time is the scarcest resource and unless time is managed, nothing else can be managed" Peter Drucker.

People also become a victim rushing from task to task, never quite finishing anything but still working late to achieve less.

This oftentimes happen to students and people who work in offices. Best time management is the solution to this. People today are no longer have a good time management, that is why they face stress and pile of works to be done.

The aim of time management is to help us being smarter, more efficient, and productive everyday. It is also a process to help us achieve our goals in life.

Time management principles can be applied at any situations. Our goals are our long term ambitions. They become the reason we work for and motivates us and make our job worthwhile.

In everyday life, we should know what are we going to do for today, tomorrow and of course for the whole week. Once you know what you are about to do, write them down in your diary, note books, memo pad and organizer. You need to look at them at least once a week and feel motivated by them.

Delete or cross out each objective once it is completed. Use the same steps every time you have works to do. Organize your work properly. People seem to be happier and are more efficient when they manage their daily schedules in a structured way.

Make a right choice for yourself. Get organized.

Thanks for reading. ^^

Have a good day everyone!                                                            

(info adapted from Sunday Star)

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