December 8, 2011

HPVs vaccination and Cervical Cancer

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In the name of Allah, the creator of me and you.

In today's post I would like to share something with you about Human papillomaviruses (HPVs). Ever since I have a bunch of old newspapers at my home, I had the desire to look out for any interesting topic to read on.
So while I was scanning through the newspapers, I found this topic. It's kind of interesting and I think I should share this as most of my friends are girls, they should be aware of this.
Actually I found it out long before I came home, and I had to hold it up as I was in exam week. Now only I have the time to talk about it. 

First of all, HPV is a type of virus that can infect on humans. This virus can cause cancer of cervix, vagina, and anus for women, or cancer of anus and penis in men. It becomes dangerous to us, if we don't look out for treatment.

According to Sunday Star, cervical cancer is diagnosed in 500,00 women each year worldwide and claims half of the lives annually.  Most of the HPV types have been identified to cause cervical cancer and vaccination is needed to prevent this to happen. HPV 16 and 18 are the phase where it can leads to cervical cancer. Genital HPV infections can occur without any notice and symptoms.

In Malaysia, from early 2012 next year, there will be free HPV vaccination given to unmarried women aged 18 and above. This massive action is taken by the Health Ministry as a preventive measure to protect women against cervical cancer. For those who has not being vaccinated, so I think you should go to the nearest clinic to get one. Prevention is better than cure. 

There is no clear statement whether we can get the vaccination free at the private clinic or not. But what I know is, private clinics charge at least RM600 for three injections. According to it, National Cancer Registry stated that  in 2006, the three most frequent cancers among women in Malaysia were breast, colorectal and cervix. 

The health ministry also has started on giving free HPV vaccination to form 1 students last year and they wanted to extend it to women beyond the age. 

I personally think that, by having the vaccination, the chances to get the cancer can be prevented. Each year the number of women die with cervical cancer is increasing. The numbers will continue to increase if no action being taken. One step taken, can change our entire life.

Thanks for reading.

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