April 3, 2012

Fun time is overrrr

Salam and hello there everyone....Its been awhile since I wrote anything in here.
Assignment dah banyak settled, and I'm quite happy about it.
Last week was terrible moment for me as I have to struggle to complete my group presentation and at the same time I had a dance class the whole week. HEhe dah menari pulak haish....actually I have been waiting to join the 'Langkau Budaya Club' for such a long time already. But becoz of the 'menari' thing is conquered by the BM's unit, so I guess I have ti just walk away. But recently, my friend Donald, kind enough to ask me to join their group. So that's was it. I'm officially in! hehe...
For the first time ever since I enter this ipg, I got the chance to perform the 'menari' thing on stage.

I went for practice for 4 times only, and it wasn't that easy when it comes to the steps. For the first time, I finally could dance 'zapin'. Donald is really a good choreographer. I learn a lot. To give commitment and working as a team. Hopefully after this I can join for the next performances. 
Here are the pictures taken during the 'Majlis Perasmian Kelab Kebudayan IPG Ipoh' last week.

 ignore pose yg poyo2 tu ok..

that's there is, there isn't anymore for today...

Thank you for viewing..

Have a nice day!


NAL said...

wah, mesti best kan.. :)

si kiut lavender said...

erk..dance??hahahha...kita ni pun dah lama dah tak menari..pencen lama dah..mesty tulang belulang habes keras...hehehehe

Jay Joseph ^^ said...

Nal: best gak...sbb dpt lepaskan tension...^^

Lavender: harum blog ni..hehe
wah menari gak ye...mst sonok kn....nnt ade mase join la lg...bukan salu nari ye dak? hehe^^

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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