April 11, 2012

Somewhere over the bloks....

Salam and hello there everyone.
I've been so lazy these days...and I'm sorry for that. (Sorry seems the hardest word to say)

After several days at Ipg without having any assignments to do, my fun moment and freedom finally come to an end.... I was feeling rather happy for I could spent time together with friends and got to know them very well during this shot period of time. I realize that there are a lot of things to be improve from time to time. As a friend, I need to accept it without any further judgement.
I'm sorry if I have done any wrong to anyone in any way possible. My loud mouth and big head just don't compute to the situations at hand at times, mostly leading to results to which I never wish to be; for that I am so sorry.

Now, just to recall things that happened to me previous days.
Last Sunday I supposed to go for "Larian Bendang Menara Condong 2012" at Teluk Intan and under some unfortunate circumstances, it was canceled. Actually we're already on the road heading to Teluk Intan, while the bus on the highway, suddenly it stop! The driver said that the temperature of the bus increased so we had to stop near the road at 4am in the morning. I don't have to tell you how cold I was that time. While waiting for the bus to get ready, the time already passed 5.30am and there was no way to get to the Teluk Intan by time. It was damn late. The lecturer asked us to walked along the road to Tambun and there our Ipg's van picked us up. What a terrible day. Nevertheless I could spent the whole day sleeping in the room.

I have been here for such a long time already, I really miss home so badly. Any how, I have to put first thing first. For me time isn't an issue, we have plenty of time, even if it takes 1 to 2 months for me to be by my family's side under Allah's will, why not? So don't cry and pout. Trying so hard to keep moving forward.
There are lots of work to do, UAK is around the corner, BIG is on its way, and Exam will coming soon!
Oh God, I really need to take a break and enjoy my good time.

Oh ya, I almost forgot, recently, I received RM200 voucher from the Ministry! Thank you so much! I really need it. I went to Parade last week with my friends, and I bought many books, novels, and magazines. I'm glad I used it for good. 
Me and friends also had a couple of drinks and had our dinner near the dataran. Although it was late and tired of wandering around the mall, I felt so relieved because shopping is a good therapy. no? huhu.

Till next time...
Have a good day!

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NAL said...

hurmm, memang busy hidup jay kan?
NAL tak dapat bygkan kalau hidup NAL se'busy' tu..hope you enjoy all the things you do..


Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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