April 21, 2012

Got into a tantrum!

How could they do this to me like I'm not one of them..
He's my friend too and I know its my fault not to come back for the farewell party.. but at least can't you guys just text me and tell me about it...?
I care about all of you. and you guys just don't know how I feel right now...I wish you guys can understand English so that you guys could read this and would know how I feel.
After what you guys have done today, I don't really care about you guys anymore, I'm sorry.
It's really put me in a rough time...and you just don't know what I'm capable off....
It's like you are putting a barrier around us don't you notice that? find,! is this what you want, Im fine with it...lets us see how far can you go...this time I won't step off!
for one thing I want you to know that, you just don't have anything to do except for menyibuk hal yang remeh2 jer! Grow up man! I have my own life now and you better step aside. I know it sounds harsh but have to face it!
For you my friend...off you go... I know you have a lots of things to think of...
Bear this in mind, we owe each other ok....you can't do without me and so do I! 

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