May 4, 2011


I'm tired of all the things going on around me lately.......

Almost 2 month I stuck in this place..and now still stuck....I didn't go home during this 2 month....though during the 'hari buruh' also I didn't! why?? coz I got a lot of work to do and of coz the laundry!

I miss my mom n my home....especially my sis n her cute baby girl.....
miss to chat n gossiping with her during the night n I always "lepaking" at her room talking about everything.... it was kinda "brother-sister" time....haha

now I really need to go home!! not just becoz I miss all that.... I need to change my Hp!!
today I don't know why, my Hp shut down n can't turn on....damn u Hp!

at first my sony Hp break down! I mean like the screen turns black!! 
whatever it calls I still can't use it! 
then today, like I say, my nokia the 'so-called-express-music' (the bergetah2 one) I bet u know how it looks like, turn off n break or what so ever....
uhh......such a depressing does its job as cheap Hp!!

NOW I don't have any hp to use!!! oh god!! I'm in trouble!!

what a bad day!! and a bad month!!

mother's day is coming soon, I didn't plan anything to get my mom a present....just want to let her know, I'm proud to be her son...n thank you for everything.....
oh wait! I should've post this later! not now......haiz.....
but anyway, i think my mom's day is everyday! there is no specific day for mom's day....
we have to appreciate our mother every single day.....^^
don't u think so??
(haha tanye kat korang, ape yg korang tau????)

any how, I really need to get home as soon as possible!!

I'm sicking tired of being stuck in this place.....sometimes I feel like I'm in prison....


"I cannot tell. But I am faint, my gashes cry for help...."

nothing much to say just a very simple sentence....."I need to go home!"

have a good day!

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