May 23, 2011

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We have carried out a play based on Macbeth. The play was held at Dewan Seri Tanjung on May 12, 2011. Our team had chosen the bollywood concept for the whole play. The changes included the costumes, make-up, and the dance. The task itself was not an easy thing to do in a small group of people. It requires participation from the whole class. Both class K12 and K13 were merged together to complete the task. I personally think that, working together as a team makes everything becomes easier. Even though, there were many difficulties and disagreement happened among the committee members. Working as a team, had made me discover more about life than I do as independent. I have learn so many things which may includes how to appreciate and understand people, to never give up, to be creative and of course, to work as a team.

the production crew;
from your left, me, Dash, Mark and Hazeeq ^^

The script editor team 

After we got the task, we held a session to form the working committees. This may includes the production team, the scriptwriters, stagecraft team, music and lighting team, costume and make-up team. I was selected under the production team as the stage manager I. Working together as a team with K12 was a bit challenging for me as I did not know them very well. Thus, I gave myself a shot in getting to know them and I had succeeded. Getting someone to accept you for who you are is not something easy. As a saying goes “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

wei yin, Zida, me and Santi (Susan)
this pic was taken during our full dressed rehearsal 

Zida as attendant,  Theivika as Lady Macbeth, Kak lu as Old man,
Chan as Hacate and me as the  Lord

We managed to get along well although we had a very bad agreement almost about everything.  Even though the disagreement occurred quite often, the committees had never disappointed me as the stage manager when it comes to work. As a stage manager, I had to work with the directors, stagecraft team and also the lighting team. I also had to contribute my ideas on how the props going to look like. Stagecraft team really put a big effort on doing their job as they came up with many interesting ideas and made it all possible.

The thing that really put me in a stressful condition was working with the lighting team. There were few of them quite hard to receive order from the directors and me. I knew it was not their fault, because we only managed to do the lighting a few days before the play. For that reason, it was a big chaotic moment for me as I had to ask the directors on how to synchronize the lights with each scene. The music and sounds were perfect although there were slightly changes in background music. After all the music and sound were perfectly done.

Besides that, the time allocated for the task is sufficient, but we still had problem in time management. This situation occurred because we had a lot of course work in at the same time. Therefore, this affects our time to do our staging and acting practices. This problem could have been improve if we all work together to finish all the props. Each one of us could have pick at least one item to help the stagecraft people. This more or less can help to finish the work on time.

The day before the play, we all had difficulties with the cauldron. At that time, some of us were busy with the acts and many more. The cauldron cannot stand properly. Then, I had an idea to change the stands with a box. I stick the box to the cauldron so it can easily stand and it eased the props people to setting it up.  We had less time to think how to make the cauldron appears alive. Luckily, with the help of Miss Leong we managed to do it. I was told by my friend that the cauldron turned out so good at night and the effect on it was so good. In addition, luckily, we got the smoke machine; it does its job in creating more effects on the witches’ scene. From what we did, I learn not to give up in doing something though it seems impossible to accomplish.

the Witches scene
it was good...

Haccate scene...Chan was really good.....
scary maa....

As we all know, the original play was written by William Shakespeare during the Elizabethan’s era. Therefore, more or less we found that the language is hard to understand and the casts faced many difficulties in projecting their emotions throughout the play. Overall, our play was marvelous, but we had a problem in voice projection. I think that besides all the props, the top priority for the play is the acting. To make audience understand the story line is more important. I realize that we still weak in the aspect of articulation. Although we had a vocal class with Miss Leong, some of us still cannot project their voice in the right way. We did not have much time doing the dramatization techniques. This must have be focus on the major characters. This could have been improved if we provide more time doing all the techniques.

Despite all the weaknesses, we can see much strength in the play. Our play was quite detail because we did different approaches from the other classes. For example, the ‘Birnam Wood’ was the one we did with news papers covered with dried leaves. Besides that, the feedbacks given by my friends and lecturers, they said that opening trailer amazed them. The trailer was so good with the correct tempo and the correct choice of music. The music was good and it suited the bollywood concept. The witches’ scene also was very good. The smoke came out during the scene and it more or less created the supernatural atmosphere to the scene.

the witches scene was convincing!  good job guys...

Besides being the stage manager, I was one of the casts in the play. Though it was not my first time being on stage, I still feel that I have to work on the gestures and voice projection. I learn to be more discipline and responsible towards my works. Also, I realized that there is nothing easy in life and the need of being patient and must keep our head focus on track.

this is the first act, where I appeared as injured soldier.....blood  running down my face...
the pic a bit blurr so u cannot see my face covered with syrup..


Lady Macbeth fainted after being punched by one of the men there....hahahaha




                                                                            The Cast





Me and Yamna ^^

I realize that this assignment taught me to become more sensible to some aspects of life. In order to make all things possible, we need to work together as a team and know how to tolerate with others

The knowledge I have gained from this task would benefit me for the future. This might includes learning to appreciate, to never give up, being creative and to work as a team. Staging Macbeth was the once in a lifetime experience for me. 

~The bad and sweet moment that I have gone through will always embedded in my mind forever.~ 

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