September 28, 2011

A day at Teluk Batik ^^

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.....
It's been a while....I'm so sorry...I don't have the mood to update this blog lately....but here I am with you...hehe

Though I live in Perak, I never had the chance to go to Teluk Batik before. haha...Seriously don't ask me why....
haha...I went to Pangkor several times, but not Teluk Batik....
ok done with that....

Last week, on Saturday, I got the chance to visit the place for real as my classmates organized a trip there. 
The beach is located in between Sitiawan and Lumut if I'm not mistaken. It took us about an hour and a half from Ipoh.

That morning, I woke up early just not to miss all the things. At first I thought I was damn late, but actually my friends were late than me. We supposed to go at 7am, but yeah you know the term "janji melayu" they will always slightly late from the actual plan. 

Anyhow, we made it there safely. weehoo.....haha....Along the way, me and Chan were very hungry, and we didn't bring any snacks...and hell yeah...hungry!! Actually we have been told the day before, some of my friends will prepare some sandwiches..we didn't get any that morning... until we arrived at Teluk Batik I grabbed all the sandwiches and ate them.

It was Saturday, and we arrived there quite early than we expected. So we didn't get to see many people there, but just a group of children on a school trip maybe, group of families, few other couples and not to forget the group of young boys and other people. (wah quite many though) hehe..^^

Let me describe a lil bit about this place to you, maybe after you read this you want to go there? who knows...

Unlike other beaches in this country, the coastline of Teluk Batik is not so long. The water may not as clear as any other beaches, still, very much better than most of the places in the country. 
The beach also not bad either, not very hot, good facilities, its a perfect gateway for holiday with family and friends outing. Having said that, it is a very so-called-well beach lah, haha you know what I mean by that right...wakaka

We had a great time there, released our stress though later on our way back some of us felt stress hehe...not to mention here okay.....huhu.....Teluk Batik indeed a place for us to relax our mind and enjoy ourselves. 

After we arrived there, we set up our picnic place, and the guys were all busy with the BBq, and as for me, chan and eve, we straight away changed our clothes and played by the shore. 

I never play the 'Banana boat' before, and this was the first time I ride it. It was fun. 9 of us ride it and at one point, the banana boat bounced higher, we fall into the water together. So funny.

Later, nearly noon, we had our 'ayam panggang" and ate our food under the shady trees. So relaxing with the cool breeze....oouuhh....

Then, me, Eve, Chan, and Myra went for a ride..this time around was really damn thrill. I don't know what is it, but we were half dead and traumatized becoz of it. During me and eve, the boat driver drove so fast until me and eve almost change places and eve was thrown in the water. And me was shocking to death. Just don't ask, the two of us, screamed out loud until the people on the shore heard shameful....really, I had a great time.

we stayed there until the late noon, and we headed to Izzat's uncle's house...hehe....payed a visit while we were on our way back. 

On the way, we got a phone call, saying that "why not we go to Teluk Intan and pay another visit to Umi's house" haha sounded like that maybe.
haha..then we turn our way again to Sitiawan and went straight to Umi's hometown. Instead of umi's house, her father works at the golf club somewhere near the Teluk Intan, and so we went there for good.

They served us nasi goreng and mee goreng which were so delicious. There was a swimming pool too. Me and friends, jumped into that pool and it was refreshing. Better than the salt sea water.

After that, we went to Teluk Intan's town and performed our prayers at the mosque.
We also snapped some pics and lingered at the "menara condong".
The night scenery was fantastic. 
I think you should go there and experience how it feels like.
At 9pm we headed to Ipoh. 

I enjoyed myself very much and I would be very happy to visit Teluk Batik again next time.
It was an unforgettable day with friends in sem 3.
Thanks guys for giving a good cooperation and I love you guys so much.


That's about it for now.
thanks for viewing...
have a nice day^^               

credit to chan, and marry for these lovely pictures..... thanks ^^


umairah^_^ said...

jabar the victim... haha..
very nice to spend time like that together... ^^

Dhiaqiud said...

so happy...akak x penah sampai Teluk Batik lg..penah g Pangkor jer..

Jabar Ainal ^^ said...

haha, kak, pangkor tu klo nk shoping mkn2 laut leh la....kt sni nk lepak, nk santai...mmg best....nnt ajak la kwn2 n tunang akak g...akak kt gopeng je kan?? hehe....

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