September 18, 2011

LOVE your pet..

It is a wonderful thing if you have a pet. A pet just bring meaning to our life.
Pet is lovely, adorable and fun to play with.
I'm sure you guys out there also have pets right?

except for those who hates animals so much like you! yeah you!

I learnt so much from my pets, though they cannot talk or whatsoever,
I learn to appreciate life, know how to love and care for others.

I have two lovely cats, a female and male.
The male is called Nicco and the female doesn't have exact name, I just call her "adik" because she is the youngest of her family.

Actually, her mother was my dearest pet ever, but after she died, and she pass her daughter which is 'adik' which is look exactly like her, except for its long tail, I suppose.
'Adik' is nearly 4 years old now. She is fat and stinky..hehe..but still she is cute....

Recently, Nicco was brought to a vet in Rawang.
He was castrated (mandulkan/kasi) poor him, but it is for its own good.

Actually we don't want him become gatal2 and produce more kittens, so that's the conclusion.
He's been castrated. Oh my...

Cats are not like dogs. If you have dogs, you can teach them tricks.
Not like my cats, they can't do any tricks.

Only they can hear my voice follow my instructions if only I treat them with whiskas. haha..

My cats are not like those cats that needed intensive care, I seldom bath them, except for Nicco, once in two month he must get a bath, if not, his fur will look dirty. As for 'adik', she is just as stinky and dirty as always, but she is able to clean herself.

So I don't worry much about her. Once, I force her to bath, and ended up, she was on my shoulder.....

Pets are really attached to their owners but the reason why I like cat so much because they are cuddly and I like the way they are.

I can't stand with animal abuses! I hate and surely condemned people who abuse animals.

I can't provide any pictures of my cats, as I believe in "Snap-cat's pics-soon-it-will-die"
how true the belief is, I don't know. As far as I concern its true..wakaka

That's it for now... till next time....^^

Thanks for reading


umairah^_^ said...

uuhh..i'm not animal abuser... i just have no good relationship with them... hihi...peace yaww!!

Jabar Ainal ^^ said...

ouh just noticed...
erm...yeah i know that....huhu

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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