September 14, 2011

CL oh CL...!!

Actually, I have a kind of addiction to contact lens, but not that bad...

and recently my friends baught contact lenses online and I found that they bought them at a lower price, RM15 each.

I couldn't get any coz they already filled up the forms and only five people can order at one time to get that prize. unfortunately for me.

Now I'm having 4 pairs of contact lens and only two of them being my favorite. 

To buy or not to..that's the question.....
My economic status says that I should not buy any at this time as if only I spend some for CL, I'll suffer later.

OUH....Kinda frustrating!!

But anyway, I try to get a new pair next month and will make sure I'll get the good one..


Good day guys..^^

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