September 12, 2011

Human cloning?

Okay now, I would like to share something with you about human cloning.
Actually after my lecturer ask me to do some reading on it and  this is what I got.


Human cloning is wrong.

Cloning is one of the ways to preserve organisms from extinction. 
Generally, cloning is a new process and is still in its early stages,
so there would be many risks. 
To clone a human being is not really a good idea. 
Human cloning will cause serious doubts and ethical dilemmas to many people.

Human cloning is not yet a full-proof method in the field of science. 
Studies show that from among the successful cloned organisms have shown many health problems. 
For example, Dolly is one of the successful cloned sheep had been suffering from many health problems. 
Even though, there are records that Dolly were able to deliver six lambs, she still faced many health problems. 
In other cases, the organisms born from the process of cloning show some of the abnormality and might died in the short term. 
Therefore, if human being cloned, more or less the results may be the same. 
The cloned human will suffers from many health problems. 
Thus, it will cause serious doubts to many people in the entire world.

Next, human cloning is banned by many countries around the world. 
There are many religious and pro-life organizations against it and stated that human cloning gives many severe implications than its theoretical possibilities. 
Quite a lot of people that concern on religious not in favor of supporting it as human cloning is opposes to the natural occurrence of human being.
One of the processes involve in cloning is duplicating the DNA of the nucleus without fertilizations between sperm and ovum. 
This is said to against the natural order of the creation of an organism. 
Therefore, this also creates ethical dilemmas among the communities.

In short, human cloning is not a good thing to do, as there will be many implications. 
The cloned organism might be suffering from various health problems. 
Human cloning also might face the same problems as any other cloning cases. 
This human cloning indeed causes many severe doubts and ethical problems among people.

That's about it...more info to come after this.....

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