September 9, 2011

Raya part 3 (Lata Kinjang)

hye guys.....

I went to Lata Kinjang last week with some of my friends.
Lata Kinjang is one of the most known water falls in Malaysia.
When you drive along the highway from KL to north, then it can be seen very well from the road.
It is located near Tapah in Perak of course.

on that day, it was jammed packed i tell you!
kinda made me not want to go in there.
well that is a lie, since I was the first one who step in the water.
It was freezing cold.!
haha....I enjoyed it though...
There are two slides and my friends kinda slide with the superman style down..
it was insanely fun seeing them playing like small kids...haha..
For me, I just swimming and floating only....
back and forth.....for the 2 whole hours...^^
I couldn't take many pictures as I was afraid if my phone will damage after soaking with the water.

Ha, the funny and most shocking thing was, I slipped down at the water fall, and luckily I didn't fall onto the big rock...and the funny thing was, when I was slipped down the slippery rock, I didn't notice that, I grabbed one "orang asli's kid" fall into the water together with me. Again, luckily we both survived and the kid was ok....fiuh kinda release....I shall never forget that event...and surely I never want to go there again....scary!

Oh yeah....almost forgot, and friends went there by motorbikes!
It was so-called convoi lah...
hehe.....It was for me, I never ride a motorbike that far, so I asked my friend to ride together with me. Plus, I have no idea how to get there.
We actually not setting any plans to go there anyway, but after one of my friends suggested about it, and they made the conclusion on the Thursday afternoon, and we were like, "huh? what?" in hurry, we all packed our things and just go....huhu...

my buddy, Buje..~

The water fall is located near the Tapah town, but a bit far actually, we had to past villages in Chenderiang and it was like so exhausted for me. You know what? My legs were all in pain during the journey...I stopped at the road side to take a rest,...seriously I was in pain.....but with courage and determination, ceh wah, hehe,...I made it to Lata Kinjang,....huhu....

Only the middle part of the huge cascade or lata can be seen from the highway. When I arrived there, at the base of the waterfalls, there are parking areas and stalls. There are cement stairs that lead us to the top of the cascade. As you go up, you can see the fascinating and spectacular views of the falls and there is a suspension bridge too where you can see the surrounding landscape of the place.

Actually Lata Kinjang is one of the places where you can relax your mind, breath the clean air, listen to the water falls, the bird's chirping, the sound of the relaxing.....the water is so cool...and it really gives you a thousands of pleasure...If I may say lah....
but on the whole, the place is really dirty, full of garbage, broken glasses, and lack of facilities...hahhaha.....let me be honest here ok.....that are the bad side of for those who wanted to go there, just think twice before going there ok....

Lata kinjang is a dangerous place, the rocks are slippery and just be careful, watch your steps....once you fall, that's the end of it....okay....

Ok, back to my trip, my friends went up the slides repeatedly, while me already sat near the stream after the fall, snapping pictures.  poor me.
We were so much happy that day, and because of the place was crowded with people, so we decided to leave it early, although the time was 5pm. hehe....that's the end of it.

After spending for almost 2-3 hours there, we headed home.
but this time we decided to go back home using highway road...the road is much "ok" than the jalan lama road. My motor's tires almost botak and exhausted....

That's about it for now...>_^

Thanks for viewing.....bye2

P/s: I got few bruises around my arms, and legs....uhh! must be because of I slipped down the time, I really need to be more careful.....^_<

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