February 5, 2011

My day XD

Nothing to talk about as I didn't venture so much things today.

I locked myself in my room all day long. I was really hungry since my last meal yesterday.

At first, I thought I could survived until the evening, but hunger made me half crazy.!!

I just can't help it.

I opted to go out and buy some foods.

The day was damn hot man!  *pity my fair, smooth, lovely skin...uhuhuhuhu....^^*

I was like a "salted fish" dried in the sun!!

*hurm,...no wonder the cat always following me everywhere I go as I smelled like a salted fish!*

muahaha....I'm joking....but seriously....it does happen sometimes...~

I walked down the road with my adorable crocs..^^

Of not thinking too much, I went outside through the BIG gate and found out that the stalls were CLOSED!

Darn it!~

*Are they still celebrating CNY???*

I hate to walk under the sun to the nearest store..

In order to prevent myself from famine, I walked "thousand miles" to the store.

After I done with buying things and all that, I rushed to my room as my stomach CRIED for food.

I bought some bread and "Ayam brand-Tuna" whatever it calls, 

I really wanted to eat it.

As I walked up to my room, I met this poorly cat "meowed" to me..."meow..."

The cat was hungry as me, then I gave it some of my tuna...

As a saying goes, "sharing is caring"...

After I've done with my meal, I lied on bed and read my novel, 

but it wasn't so long after I fell asleep.

That's it for now..

Thanks for reading..^^
Do have a good day everyone!

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