February 25, 2012

Forever ALONE!

GGL pic

Hahaha....as what my friend told me "Foerever ALONE!" is kinda cute..
And si heart matter already went home to be by her beloved parent....
The 'forever alone' gurl is still here but I don't know where axactly she is right now...hehe....or she might just went to her mertua's house...hehe...who knows..
such a depressing time for me to finish all these things before I'd go home next week....so freakin crazy! stuck with boredom! stuck with weirdos!! 
How crazy I am here! Can't imagine the feeling though....
Hey hello!! you there.....
Okay one more thing, the astro at our blok can't be use anymore as an idiot-jealous-guy already 'potong' the 'wayar' and we can't watch anything even if we already paid the bills!!! 
The person who potong the astro's wayar is really a jerk seriously! 
I know somehow he is jealous becoz he couldn't watch anything as we conquer the tv all the time! and bcoz of that he decided to potong the wayar, so we all can't watch anything!! such an idiot lah!
Consequently, I'm stuck here without any interesting thing to do during the weekend except for the assignments!
I miss home so much! at this point of time, I really need mom so much! It may sound childish to you, but mother is one of best medicines in this world that can heal everything..
If you don't think it so, means that you don't love your mother, do you? 

That's there is for now, catch me again for the next post! bye!

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