February 28, 2012

TehaaNFM review blog saya!

Hello there people...today I'm joining a segmen by Miss Tehaa
Thank you for inviting me to join your segmen...^^

Kelebihan join segmen ni:
  1. Tehaa akan buat review satu blog, satu post.
  2. Masuk dalam bloglist selama 3 BULAN! [bulan 3 hingga bulan 5]  

Kelebihan blog aku? ade ke? hoho....merepek je ade la..huhu...sorry ye Miss Tehaa...actually I can't think of any 'kelebihan' of my blog, really...
But I think, I provide some good information for readers...

now I'm gonna tag one of lucky bloggers that is   ..... Miss Umairah^^si Heart Matter "again!"

That's all...have a nice day!


TehaaNFM said...

it's ok dear..

anyway thanxs join and good luck :D

aReLaN said...

thanks for following me.done follow u back.hoho

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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