February 24, 2012

screwing everything up doesn't make me feel happy!

Salam and hello!

It's true, lately I keep on hanging here and there, watching people doing their assignments,...listen to the same songs again, and again....

With the current state of the world we live in, it isn't very helpful either...
I feel kinda the same all day long....

And about the assignments, I must say that I have already half way through though some of it I don't fully understand and still don't even start anything yet. That is what bothers me the most, that I don't know how to start the assignments...
Yeah I know some people might say that when you're in this field, you're able to do it at will as the language is in your hands. But the problem is, I still blur and its hard to figure out the right words to fit it all in. For some people they think that it is easy, and some might just copy all things down from the web and finished in just a blink of eyes.

Do excuse me people, I'm having a rough time now. I know its not that serious but I feel kinda stress about it. (Is it true, one who complains a lot is, one who is lazy?) am I lazy?
haha... actually I write all these down as I want to motivate myself so I can start doing all the work. 
I notice that, every time I'd write in here, I'll talk about assignments, my bad and sad things. But after all that is what blog for isn't it? uhh...just don't understand!

sometimes, I want to squeez out from this world of assignments and rather be at home in front of tv watching the re-run of spongebob squarepants. 
I was wondering how you guys cope with all the hard time and failures that you going through without any hesitation? ouh my.... For all things that happened around me, I hope I can still be strong to fight for my dreams...

Just can't wait to go home next week. And again put things even worst is, I'll be going to my former primary school to do my SBE. I'll be there ALONE! as what umi said "forever alone!"

Hope everything going to be okay.
Life isn't easy as it seems!


p/s: craving for FOOD!


umairah^_^ said...

chan said that... not me1!!

Jay Joseph ^^ said...

ouh? i tot it was you heheh...yeah ah chan...alone...

and you! heart matter....hahaha

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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