February 2, 2012

Pathetic love story


I've been waiting for her for such a long time.
Once I told her about my feelings, she just walked away.
Maybe she couldn't believe her own best friend would fall in love with her.
Why should I feel ashamed? As I'm telling the truth right? But to her, love isn't that easy.
I understand. 
Every day, i'll 'curi2 pandang' at her. Hoping that she'll look back at me and smile.
Before this, I couldn't find any time to keepin touch with her, much less with anyone I liked before.
But I noticed that, after 1 and half years knowing her, there is something about her that make me so hooked up to her. 
I know it's hard to accept this, but I just wanna let her know, I still like her, even after I said I understand her and would like us to be like we used to be.
Last week, feeling a little jittery, I sent her a msg. It was quite disappointing when I found she didn't reply my msg. Then several days later, she texted me on facebook telling me sorry for not texting back to me and she even said, she got something for me. But I didn't get anything from her till now. Ha3..
Before this, she always talked about her latest men, her outing with friends and she even talked about her beloved korean artist with me. Talking with her was very comforting yet 'menyakitkan hati' and it was that what make me a little close with her. 
Now, more than ever, I realised that I can't push her to like me the way I do to her. I want her to let me be myself without judging me.
Anyway, I hope our relationship as 'friends' will last longer. 

Have a nice day people.


Nurul Najibah said...

wow......beraninyer jabar confess kt cnie....hehe

Jay Joseph ^^ said...

erm...nk confess ape pn xkisah...

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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