January 30, 2011


I notice that it has been two days when holiday has started. 

Nevertheless, I still cannot feel the holiday atmosphere around me.

For I have to stuck in my dusty room. Doing nothing but reading novel and doing some revision.

One more thing, doing Mr shuhaimi‘s work drives me crazy…..

Just imagine, I have to transcribe 300 words article to phonetic symbols.

It will take some times to finish it. However, I still not doing anything. It is so boring..!

I cannot go for a holiday with family as my sister just gave birth to a cute baby girl named, Ummu Hani Balqisy…. I would call her Honey Madu~

I hope she will be as sweet girl as honey.^^

So, my parent are so happy for having their first grandchild and would spend quite sometimes with Honey Madu~

If only I have a driving license, then maybe I can go for an outing with friends in Ipoh or KL.

Going to cinema, or go bowling, and go karaoke-ing…..

you have no idea how much I miss those things!

My sis with her daughter_Hani

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