January 30, 2011


This photo was taken right up after we won the district ~
*i still wondering where they put the hamper???*

* I don't get any chances to talk about this before, as I don't start blogging yet.....^^
But now, this is my chance to talk about it....*

Back during my school days, I participated in English Drama Competition. 

Starting in form4, we were the second runner up in the district drama competition. 

It went well and I was surprised, my acting succeeded in raising the marks!

hahahah.... but after all we all did a a great job.....

*p/s I was the main character*

I can consider my team as 1 Malaysia~

During form5(2009), I've been forced to joined the drama again as it still going on every year.
Actually, at first I got no problem with it, but as it went on, the problems came. 

"Half a Man's Load" was the title. 

And once again I've been picked up to be the main character of the play.

The competition was held on July, and our SpM trial was around the corner. 

As for average students like me, it does gave me a big pressure.


We were not expecting we will won the district, so it was a fortunate event had happened to me..!! 

*this is how i start growing my interest in English language* 

I'm so happy..! but yet I was worried of my SpM trial exam.

Early August, we all going to representing Batang Padang in the state drama competition. 

*just want to say that I am very proud of my team* 

We all put full of efforts in this competition.

I'm at the back.....~can u see me??hahah..poor me...the only malay student..^^

Though, it was not an easy climb. 

When we won the district, it was really difficult to raise the game. 

According to what my teacher said, the PPD wanted us to improve our act, make it longer and many more.

As the days passed by, this drama things, drove me crazy!~ 

Once I talk to my teacher of quiting the from the drama.

I didn't mean to do so, because i really enjoyed it. 

Some of us including me were scolded by some of our teachers for taking part.

We also scolded for being practice during school hours. 

We decided to practiced it after school...

and to Mr Edmund, thank you so much for being with us to go through the drama. 

As for teacher Jenny, thank you so much for your support, advices, and encouraged me to stay in the play.


Everyone did well even though there were so many obstacles. 

My teacher said, before we went up the stage, the laptop would not start and the background could not appear. ....

Out of sudden, thanks God, everything went on as we all wanted...

and the best was, no one of us forgot the lines, timing was perfect.

I heard that they said, the judges said we spoke very well and they were surprised as we all from 
"sekolah LUAR BANDAR".

As a saying goes;
   "nothing ventured,  nothing gained"

Because if we did not try, we would never have known that we can do it.  We should believe in ourself. 


Last but not least, my teacher told us, the judges said we were the top four schools selected for consideration.

Alhamdulillah.....thanks to Allah.....

~After all, it was a great experience that I would never forget...!!!  

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