January 18, 2011

Qualities Of My Future W1#3~

Everyday I dream of waking up in the morning with toasted bread and a glass of milk on my bed and hot kisses from my lovely wife...

 My future wife has to be able to do this every Sunday morning.(weekend duk umah jer la layan isteri)..hehe...That will bring her one step closer to being my future wife.

My future wife must be a great cook. 
I would prefer "ayam masak merah" every day for dinner(larat ke aku makan tu je hari2??). I hope she can work on it everyday. That really should not be a problem. I will buy her cook books so that she can learn how to cook.

Next, she will also has to be a good listener to me. Every single moment she has to be with me to hear my sad story and my stupid jokes. 

She must also spend her time with me watching re-runs of The Nanny every Monday to Friday night. 

Furthermore, she also has to be very successful at her career. 
Whatever that may be as long as she is not a swim-suit model, a ballet dancer, a singer, an actress, or even a full fledged lawyer. 
Anything else is fine. The most remarkable thing I want her to be is a mother to my kids.

I do not care about what she looks like. 
I don't care if she is not sexy as Kimmora Lee Simmons. As long as she can take care of me and my kids, she is the most wonderful woman on earth to me. 

My heart's desire is to have her heart and soul.

My future wife will make me feel happy and love me all the times if my body is not as hunky as Malik Nor. 
She will love me no matter what I am and what I look like. 

I want her to live with me forever, and want to go through the ups and down together with me. I hope one day I will find a girl who has the qualities of my future wife... (^_^)


Kayun said...

moga2 ang jumpa...hehehe xD

Jay Joseph said...

haha...ade ke??huhu^^

x10sapient said...

Nice blog jabar^^
Why don't you post this entry to fb???Perhaps many girls can see it...haha.Hope you can find your soul mate soon. :)

Jabar Ainal said...

thanks chan...
haha....i sure will...=)

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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