January 16, 2011



What does conservation of our environment mean?
It simply means the preservation of our physical surrounding and conditions. In the name of development, man seem to have forgotten the importance of plants and animals. It is important to protect the many species of animals that are fast disappearing or becoming extinct. Their natural habitat is being destroyed by development. It is an act of cruelty and selfishness on the part of human beings.

            We should learn to share the world with animals. If the development is not controlled, there will be nothing but concrete jungle around us. We will not able enjoy looking at trees ,bees, and the birds. The poor animals have the same rights as the human to live in this world. Development must be controlled in order to maintain the balance between man and nature.

            Although we recognize the need for rational progress by building high rise hotels, thus creating jobs for people, but is it really necessary to have such buildings at the cost of destroying wild life and natural environment?

            We living in Malaysia are blessed with beautiful tropical forest, a wide variety of birds and animals and the perfect climate. So why spoil the natural beauty that has been given to us free of charge? Therefore our sole purpose is to protect the animals especially the endangered species from the dangers of pollution brought about by development. Such random development about pollution that is slowly killing the environment.

            Diseases such as allergies and breathing difficulties are more today than before. Illegal logging by irresponsible people for financial gains should be stopped. When trees are cut down not replanted the ozone layer is badly affected.
            The legislation imposed by the Department of Environment , commonly known as DOE has very strict rules and guidelines to manage and control the handling of waste. Companies conforming to these guidelines are awarded to ISO certification.

            There are many industries and factories which still continue dumping their waste into drains, rivers and sea. This selfish and inconsiderate act on their part has led to killing all the plants and marine life.

SO, it is our responsibility to make this world a better place to live, not only for the present generation but also our future generations.

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