January 18, 2011

Thank You Mother~


Tears of joy welled up in my eyes, because finally I had fulfilled my promise to mother. Today I am a doctor in Hospital Slim River. I moved to Slim River recently not far from my village. It is easy for me to visit my mother's grave.

I still remember her long face, was ridden with wrinkles like a map of a mountain and twisting rivers. She was a strong woman but yet she was 60.  After my father passed away in a tragic accident, she was the one who took care of me and she was my guardian. Mother was a woman of fortitude. 

I remember, when I was growing up, I used to questioned mother about my father. where is he??? I could always see the pain on her face, but she could changed the topic by treating me to my favorite ice-cream.
Although I grew up without the love and protection of my father, I managed to endure all the hardships that came my way. This is because I had my beloved mother who always took care of me. Mother and I lived in a small house and we were poor but yet we were happy.

During my UPSR, I got straight As. I had an offer to study at a boarding school far away from my mother. I remember waving goodbye to mother, she looked very brave and strong. I knew that both she and I would break down soon. When I couldn't see her anymore, the floodgates of tears burst. I kept thinking how would she live without me...??

I studied hard as hard as I could to fulfill her dreams...to see me become a doctor. With the scholarship money I received every month, I would send some of it to mother. I knew she needed it more than me.
I performed very well in all my examinations and soon I was accepted into a local university to study medicine. As I was preparing for my final exams, I received a call from 'mak cik' back home in my village. Mak cik told me that my mother was very ill. I must come home immediately. 

I rushed to be by mother's side. The doctor informed me that she suffered from bronchitis. I was with her for two weeks. I did my revision while I looked after her. When she was resting, I would study. All too soon I had to go back to sit for my final examinations. It was heavy to leave mother that day.

I had just sat for my last paper and I was preparing to return home. Suddenly I got a call from the university office.................My mother had passed away.......It was the saddest day of my life. She never lived to see me become a doctor. My heart felt as if it had been ripped apart. Education is important to mother. She had scarified so much to enable me to have a good education.

Even though she had passed away, she succeeded in inspiring me to succeed in my life. Thank you mother. You are always in my heart.


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