January 22, 2011

History of Prayer 5 Times a day~

Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet sent by God to guide mankind to the path of truth. Unlike people of other prophets, prophet Muhammad has been ordered to perform five times a day. This is an advantage of the grace of God Almighty and the prophet Muhammad's where prayers will be to provide protection during the day of reckoning soon. Here is the origin of how each prayer started worked.


The first man to do the morning prayers, Adam that when he came out of heaven and down to earth. The first thing he saw was darkness and he is very, very afraid. When dawn came out, Adam a.s. was praying two rak `ahs.

i) the first rak `ahs: Mark thankful for his escape from the darkness of night.

ii) the second rak `ahs: Mark thankful that the day has been transformed.


The first man who is praying Zuhr Abraham that when God had commanded him to sacrifice his son Ishmael. The call came at noon, then fell down as much as four times of Abraham.

i) the first rak `ahs: Mark grateful for redemption.

ii) the second rak `ahs: Mark thankful that opened deep sorrow and his son.

iii) the third rak `ahs: Mark will give thanks and seek God's pleasure.

iv) the fourth rak `ahs: Mark grateful for his sacrifice was replaced by kibas hostage.


The first man who is Asar prayers as Jonah When he was released by God from the belly of Nun. Fish Nun had vomited Jonah on the beach, but when it was time for Asar. And thank the Prayer of Jonah and four times because he was rescued by God from the darkness of 4:

i) the first rak `ahs: Dark of the offense.
ii) the second rak `ahs: Dark with sea water.
iii) the third rak `ahs: Dark the night.
iv) the fourth rak `ahs: Dim the belly Nun


The first man who Maghrib prayer is Jesus that is, when he was released by God from the ignorance and stupidity of people, being at that time was the sun. Thankful Jesus, and prayed three rak `ahs as rescued from the ignorance of which:

i) the first rak `ahs: To deny the deity other than God Almighty.

ii) the second rak `ahs: To deny the allegations and accusations of his mother Mariam who was accused of incest.

iii) the third rak `ahs: To convince his people that God is only one God alone, there are two or three.


The first man who performed the Isha prayer is the Prophet Moses. At that time, Moses was lost looking for a way out of Midian, and the chest full of sorrow. God remove all feelings of regret that at the end of Isha time. Then Moses pray four times as a sign of gratitude.

i) the first rak `ahs: Mark sorrow to his wife.
ii) the second rak `ahs: Sign of grief over his brother Aaron.
iii) the third rak `ahs: Signs of Pharaoh grieved.
iv) the fourth rak `ahs: Sign of grief to the children of Pharaoh

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