January 20, 2011

"Hijrah"ing myself....~

when we talk about "Hijrah", maybe some of us would think about, moving from a place to another. 
but actually the thing i want to talk here is just the same concept as that hijrah...ok lets go to the point...

After i entered this teacher training college, i experienced many things...the things that i never gone through before...so far, i learnt how to cope with problems, friends and especially my financial. 

Although its seems like easy to handle MONEY, but its truly hard for me. 
Me and friends oftentimes went to movies, shopping, bowling and go out and eat at McD and "SELMA". 

I learnt how to differentiate between friends and foes. haha...FYI... i got less foes....(how do i know??)
recently, i learn how to play HOKI....now hoki is being my top list favorite game ever!!(gedik skit) hahaha..

BUT, I'm so sorry IZZAT, i hit your thumb last week, it was really an accident....(or i can say it, as a "pro" play)hahaha.....

For some instance, i changed from old me, to the new me....but...i still trying to keep myself "hijrah" to be a better person. My lecturers help me a lot...as for now, i still can manage myself well..
(shall i called it well?? i think it worsen day by day) hahaha.,...
whatever lah, as long as i can "hijrah" myself slowly. 

Back then, i used to wasting my time on watching TV, sleeping and reading comic books(I'm not saying that reading comic books is wrong, but rather than comics, NOVELS should be better right?? i mean English novels....)

BUT now, the new me always spend quite sometimes, READING my English novels,..FYI...i bought from MPH....hello....haha....
this is one of my fav novel ever!~ later on i'll tell u guys about it-

after all i gained much knowledge, and the most is, i can improve my English, from worse to WORSEN...! hahahahaha.....no lah just kidding, much better than past years....
("THOS-SE-DAYS" quoted from Mr Earnest)

I hope I can put myself high above the skies........
the "hijrah" thing should be keep on going inside me.............~lalalalalalala~


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