January 16, 2011


Hello there everyone. I'm new, and this is my first time in blogging. 
Now let me share with you something that I think we should know and be aware to.
have fun!

The environment is our most valuable treasure and it should be enjoyed by all, including

future generations. Today environment issues are making headlines due to natural disasters 

caused by environment degradation. Now lets us discover ways to save our environment.

The first thing we should do is recycle. Recycling is the process of manufacturing 

new products from solid and scrap waste. Not all waste materials are suitable for recycling. 

Solid waste that can be recycled such as newspapers, tin, cans and bottles. The simple 

things that we can do are use both side of papers. Besides we can make little note books 

from unused of typing or writing papers.


Second, we should to keep rivers clean.

Do not throw rubbish and waste products into the rivers. 

We must keep out the poisonous and toxic materials such as paints, thinners, varnish and 

many more from entering the river stream.

This is because these substances contain various types of heavy metals and toxic elements. 

Most of these pollutants cause the extinction of many species of fish. 

In addition, it also causes many health diseases.

Apart from that, to preserve good environment we should stop open burning. 

The smoke released by the burning of garbage contains many types of harmful elements such as carbon dioxide. 

The toxicity and acidity of the element in the gases cause acid rain. 

The acid rains can irritate the buildings and cause many health diseases.

Besides, we should compose kitchen scraps. 

We can use it as a fertilizers for our garden plants. 

As we know, composting is the controlled process of decomposing organic matter. 

Food scraps, grass clippings and plant material can be composted. 

So, when composted, they turn into dark odourless substances known as humus, which is 

rich in nutrients needed by growing plants.

To save our environment, we can also preserve water from being wasted. 

We should wash and dry only full loads of loundary or dishes. 

Besides, use the dishwashing paste that is not harmful to environment.

Therefore, each of us should play our own duty to save the environment. 

All our hard work will pay off if we work together preserving a good environment. 

The elements of nature sustain a suitable environment for a healthy and happy life. 

It is our benefit to preserve the environment.


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