July 1, 2011

I'm waitin' fer a glimpse of the sun's glow

(the title got nothing to do with this post)

This afternoon I was in the library with my friends looking for some info for our group work.
Instead of that, we found ourselves sitting and 'borak2' with each other. It's a normal thing every students will do when they enter the library. don't you think so?
Later, on the rack, stand still, there was a book that I found it interesting for me to read. I grabbed it and opened it page by page, until I discovered one section in the book, which the title is "Decorating your study place". For you it might be "Lame..." and "boring..." but as for me it is interesting. It says that decorating our own study place can improve our learning and performances. This also enable us to study well in lots of different places. 
haha...still don't get what it means? huhu...it simply means that when we decorate our study place, more or less it can boost our spirit to study in a comfortable condition. Thus we can be more focus on what we are doing.
So what say you? Do you think it will works? haha....I think it works lah!

I still remember during my school days, I used to decorate my study table and pasting so much things on the wall, and I got my own study board which my sister did it for me. To let you know, I don't like pink colour. So, DO NOT expect my study place will be in that colour like other people do. I found that I always spent most of my time at my study place, writing, drawing, doodling, reading and sleep...(usually after tired studying, so I got asleep). It was wonderful anyway.

Actually my study table is quite big, so it gives me a lot of space. So I made use of the spaces to put some of my picture frames, some little cute boxes which I used it for storing my pencils, pens, and sort of things. I like it so much though it looked kinda messy. To have a nice study place is vital for me as it can triggers my study spirit. I enjoyed doing all my stuff at my own cute study place. Have you ever think of it is better to spend our time reading or doing whatever things we like at our place than hang out and "lepak-ing" with friends here and there. 

Ohh...ain't that nice to have a cup of tea while reading our favorite novel at our own study place...for me, it's kinda nice thing to do in the late afternoon. (instead of that, I enjoy eating "pisang goreng" while watching Spongebob Squarepants on tv9 and have a gossip time with my sister. oh how I miss those thing..)

you know what?...College is different for me as I'm not into that "decorate" thing anymore. Too lazy to decorate anything on my study table. I just leave it like that. But if I say like that, maybe some of you might think that my place is "bersepah" right? haha no lah...It's still ok, but in some way it doesn't look convincing. Just an ordinary study place. huhu ^^

All in all, I think whether we decorate or not, just make sure our study place neat and tidy. Always bear in mind that we have to keep things organized and have a good filing system. My lecturer always advice us to keep our files neat so it will ease the MQA people to check our files. But really I can't manage if there is too much files to handle. 

I do agree with the book I read earlier. Paying attention to our study place is a practical way in which we can improve our chances of learning well.
So, the choice is in your hands....!

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have a great day!

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