July 23, 2011

One fine day with friends^^

This should be posted last week,..but under some circumstances, I only manage to talk about it today...

I think this will be a short one only.

        Lining up according to height..oh of coz me, the tallest, then Eve 
and my lovely kak Huda..~

A day after my trip to Ipoh with my sister,

again I went to Ipoh, but this time with my friends instead.

We left Ipg at 1130am . Izzat was kind enough to let us have a ride with him to JJ.

During our journey to JJ, we sort of creating some jokes and we laughed our lungs out. It was funny.!

But I don't think I should tell you what the jokes were all about.

As we arrived there, we split and I went straightforwardly to Reject Shop looking for some clothes.

I lingered around the shopping mall, stopping for each sections and gazed to all the beautiful clothes which none of them I could buy. Too bad.!

That, with a weird look, is Wan. and that with 'Mat-rempit-look' is Dann
our class' naughty boys~

Me and Yamna... (oh she's always been a nice gurl)

Put3 and kayun... aren't they lovely.....^^

Later I met up with some of my friends and went straight to food court. There, they would ordered some foods and eat but I went down to buy some sushi.

                                           Always been my favorite dish!

Actually we all went to JJ because we wanted to watch the movie, "Harry Potter and the bla bla".

The guys already bought the tickets a week before and it was kinda expensive.

Before we went into the cinema, we went to surau and performed our zuhur prayer.

shortly after that I met the rest of my friends and we went inside together.

After the movie, some of my friends tag along and we decided to play bowling.

There, I'm standing, waiting for my turn....
just can't wait to beat their butts with the bowling ball ! haiya! dush2!

During the first game, I was beat by them, but in the second round, I beat them in the ass. I won! hehehe....

cute faces? no? huhu

me and kayun...^^

Then we just walked around JJ and my friends stuck somewhere there and bought themselves a watch each.

there are a lot of discounts and the prices are so affordable. In facts, the discounts last until raya.

Oh wait, before I forgot, we actually went to Popular bookstore to buy some items.

Of knowing my wallet is thinning, so I made my conclusion, "no more buying unnecessary things".

Afterwards, we all went back to ipg.

                                       can you tell me what is this?

Thanks for viewing...

have a nice day everyone ^^

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