July 4, 2011

And lightning don't strike the same place twice

This gonna take a short while to burst all things up!

I don't know what had came into my mind lately as I can't think straight and needed someone to sooth me down. But the thing is, I still can manage myself.
One thing that I do realize now is, nothing can stop someone to love someone else if someone is really into someone! get what I mean? haha....If you find it difficult to understand, just ignore it and leave it all to me..
I feel awkward when seeing someone that I thought shouldn't be in love with someone else is actually in love with each other. I'm not jealous or whatever but this is the way I feel.
Actually I don't have to bother with all this thing right?
Let me ask u something, If you like someone, you probably might doing something that can ease someone you like. And you would hoping that someone will feel like the way you feel about that someone. Am I right? I don't know......huuhhhhh!! things getting complicated in my mind. I think I've got all this things wrong lah! coz I only see thing with my own views.

this is what I can see through my eyes~

One more thing that I regret about someone in this college! let me get this thing straight,..If I were him, I would be grateful with all I have, the 'rezeki' that Allah gives to us is more than enough.! come on man, we should be thankful to Him of what He gave to us. What more can you expect from Him.
If you wanted to succeed in your life then you have to do something about it. It's just like when you cook curry for the first time, and it might taste like nasty. Maybe if you cook it over and over again, try to add some more salt, pepper, spices, and some other things that can enrich your curry, and it would have been better than the first one. Same goes to you, if you feel disappointed with your own self, try to make it better.Work hard and try not to complain things. You have to bear in mind that not everyone is perfect. SO stop "sighing", though me myself did it when I feel down. But thats not the point. Discover your own talent and work it out.

Just think about the others, I mean the unlucky one. Some of our friends out there might don't have a place to live. Don't have anything to eat. Don't have any money to go to school. And even worse they don't have the love and protection from their family, especially father and mother like we do. Do think about that and you will feel that how much lucky you are. I always remember this, when the first time I have my own laptop, I asked my mother, why I got this one, why is it too heavy...and bla,bla,bla,bla.....

Once she told me, "have you ever think about the unlucky one, they don't have any to complain about, and if they do have one, they might just be thankful to God of what they have.."
I was like, that's true Mak.
So, didn't this come into your mind? you should be thankful. Allah always gives us chances in life, it is we who the one who decide whether to do or not to do. Use whatever opportunity you have to get His blessing.

If you love someone, love him/her by heart.
If you care about your friends, care them by heart.
If you say you can do it, stay with it forever...and you'll soon find that you can.

have a nice day!


umairah^_^ said...

who is dat SOMEONE?? i'm curious lorhh...hehe..

Jabar Ainal ^^ said...

haha....better not..^_-

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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