July 10, 2011

AVON ~Simply Because^^

that's it!

Simply Because from Avon...the fragrance is so nice and suited me.
I tried Simply Because for Him and I love it.! It has a pleasant smell and this orangy and the touches of lavender scent. You will have this kind of feeling walking in the sea of lavenders and orange trees.

This perfume comes with pairs. If you are a guy, then I recommend you Simply Because For Him.
hahaha....If you want to try both, would be fine. no problem!

Anyway my mom is perfume lover too, and she loves this so much.

Affordable price....no worries, it is 12 hours long lasting fragrance...
this is the right time to impress your true loves, with a pleasant smell, lifted your spirit and sparks the beauty around you!

The campaign has started last week and will ended this coming Friday.
So, for those who wants to order anything from the catalog, just text me yea....
I will be pleased to entertain you all,...

Simply Because For Him and For Her Eau de Toliettes are already in and to purchase,
contact your Avon dealers (me) or visit any AVON beauty boutiques everywhere around you.
For inquiries, call the AVON toll-free Line at 1-800-22-AVON(2866) or log on to www.my.avon.com

                        that's all...
                        bye for now^^


umairah^_^ said...

ewah2... promote yerr... gud marketing strategy anyway.. haha

Jabar Ainal ^^ said...

hehe..promote je ape yg ade...nk beli? anyway thanks 4 being my customer....huhu^^

Kayun Asza said...

yg lotion td tu bau sedap. heee

umairah^_^ said...

haha... yun sempat jerr..

Jabar Ainal ^^ said...

hehe..mmg sdap pn..nnt klo nk tempah je k...^^
actually boleh ganti perfume..lpas mandi tu sapu2 kt tgn...soothing sgt....tdur nyenyak la nnt..hehe

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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